Tuesday, February 3, 2009

repost: my fav. post ever.

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(these are from my niece shelbypaige's obituary guest book-i write her from time to time, just when i need to let her know i'm thinking of her...)

July 4, 2008
jessica and nick-
THANK YOU for every second and every smile of shelby's life that you shared with michael, rowan, zoe, and i-it brought complete joy to all of our lives.
i can't even begin to express our sorrow for your loss as we take comfort in knowing that little shelby bear didn't have a bad day of her life.
she will always be remembered in our hearts and i hold close to me my last moments with her and the silly little shelby look she gave me as zoe took her on a walk around the drive-way.
she will be missed greatly as she watches over us from gods hands.

August 26, 2008
my little shelby:
it has been almost 2 months now since you were taken by the angels.
i miss you more and more everyday.
today zoe and i talked about all the fun memories we have with you as we looked through all your adorable photos-like dressing all of you up on holidays and taking photo after photo, movie day, going to the park, and so many more.
it warms my heart to know that you are watching over your little best friend and cousin, rowan-i know you come to visit her and that makes me happy.
i feel so blessed to have gotten to spend as much time with you as i did, you made this world a better place and made a relationship grow stronger between your parents and us.
zoe writes a new song about her love for you just about everyday and keeps a picture of you by her bed.
we LOVE you shelby bear and will come to see you again sometime later. until then you are in our hearts.
when the sky is pink, wondrous, and huge i think of you and say, 'look!, it is a shelby sky for us.'
auntie melissa, uncle mike, zoe, and rowan

October 5, 2008
baby shelby, your 8 month birthday was yesterday and my heart was sad. we miss you very much.
i wish i could pinch your cheeks and feel your soft skin-you were such a little doll.
zoe is still very sad, but makes sure all her new friends know who your were and that you two were cousins and great friends.
i feel you smiling down on us, and i know your watching out for your mommy and daddy when they need it most.
that tattoo your daddy got is something special-i bet you think it's great =)
we miss you baby girl, and we'll watch for you in the beautiful sunrises and sunsets.
till we meet again.
aunt melissa, uncle mike, and your cousins

December 24, 2008
merry christmas little butterfly! we miss you oh so much.
the house if filled with photos of you and your daddy so that the two of you can be right there with us for our morning celebration.
we love you little angel and will see you again some day, until then i'll look for your twinkle in the stars and glittering in the snowflakes you've made for us.
love you!!

December 30, 2008
you sweet little girl, i started thinking about you just now and i want to cry, cry and cry.
even though your time here was short, i fell so in love with you. i felt such a connection to you. you were and always will be my niece.
i miss you something terrible and it breaks my heart even more to think how much your mom misses you and the flood of emotions that runs through her-i am so sad for her.
i too have a lot of "why" questions-i can't believe i will never have answers to.
2009 won't be a better year cause i will still think of you not being here...
i LOVE that i see YOU in the sunsets. i know it's you.
i've always loved them, but i swear they are even prettier when you have a hand in them. thanks!>
your birthday will be something spectacular-i can't believe you'll be one! i bet daddy has something amazing planned for you two :)
until we meet again i will kiss you in my dreams and see you in your photos-each one so adorable.
good night little bear!

January 1, 2009
my heart is so sad this morning...broken to say the least.
the light at your place was red yesterday so your nana and i stopped to wish you into the new year-i wanted to leave you sparkler and a little sippy cup of sparkling cider. i can picture the face you would have made as the bubbles tickled your nose.
it was a warm evening last night, calm. i tucked a photo of you and the girls-your best friends into your spot. you're always with them in their hearts.
in mine too...
until we can meet again save some kisses for me!
i love you little bear

January 19, 2009
life is crazy as ever-the sadness is still all the same.
i have been showing my friends photos of you and laughing about all silly little personality traits you had acquired in such a short time.
i'm sad i can't be there to drive ur mom crazy with plans and watch out for her...
i miss your face, smile, and smell.
i even miss when you'd spit up on me and i'd whine/laugh knowing where that food had come from. hehe.
you were so precious.
i'll miss you till the end of my time and then i'll be waiting with my open arms and a great big hug just for you!
see you in the sunsets little girl-your almost one!
love you most

February 4, 2009
shelbypaige it is your birthday and my heart is so full with your memories.
oh how i want to squeeze you and give you one little birthday spanking just from me, your auntie.
i wish i could see you eating your cake and making the BIGGEST mess for your mom and daddy to clean.
i love you more than ever and see you in my dreams.
till me meet again precious girl-have hugs and kisses waiting for me.
happy birthday!!

February 14, 2009
happy valentine's day angel...
remember last year when we got all you cousins together and took photos of you ladies in your v-day get ups?
zoe was such a proud cousin-she LOVES you very much! i love you very much.
so much has changed recently for us, but i am still forever sad you are not here with us.
i love you shelby bear!
can't wait to see you in the sky tonight!

June 26, 2009
little girl your memories are so fresh in my heart still...i won't let my hold on them loosen, i can't.
it's been almost a year now since you flew away angel, the hardest year of my life. so much has happened, so much has changed.
you were and are such a gift to this family, your mom, and your dad! i feel so blessed that i got to be your aunt during your all too short stay with us.
i picture you in your daddy's arms daily, embraced in so much love!
i miss you little bear, have kisses waiting for me when we meet again.

June 29, 2009
shelbypaige i love you more than ever. you are such a gift, i'll see you in my dreams and in the sky.
love auntie

February 3, 2010
happy birthday baby girl! i can't believe you are two tomorrow, i bet your just a doll! we miss you tons. love love love you!

repost: cupcakes!

original post of 'mommy, monkey, and bear. oh my!' blog on december 12, 2008
my little cupcake is celebrating her 5th birthday at preschool today and is in charge of bringing snack.
to spice up the normal cupcakes i usually send-i decided to try out this cool monogramming trick from my new “hello, cupcake” book.
it was really simple-all i did was print out a sheet of simple “z’s” {for zoe}, laid it on a cookie sheet and covered it with wax paper. next i melted a bag of white chocolate melting wafers and a bag of milk chocolate ones. then with the same baggies, i squeezed out the air and cut the tiniest bit of the tip off. then i traced out the outline of the “z” with the chocolate and then filled in the rest, gave it a little tap to even it out and refrigerated it for about half the day.
i just did a simple box of the sprinkly cake mix, some neon pink food coloring added to vanilla whipped frosting, and then for some added detail i rolled then sides in basic sugar.
they turned out fit for a princess and they were just an absolute hit with her class!

repost: i spoil my kids, whatever.

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a little out of control
remember those "littlest pet shops" i talked about the other day? well, i know i mentioned that we had A LOT of them.
the other day zoe decided that she was gonna line them all up by type of animal and a panda was going to take their photo. {which then i was in turn supposed to take a photo of all this happening.}
this isn't even all of them-and here we counted about 75...that's...75...times...$#&@*...carry the 4...%*#&$...close to $300 dollars in pet shops.
they sure are cute though! my favorite is the snail. or one of the bugs, oh i dunno.

reasons why i am retarted.

original post of 'mommy, monkey, and bear. oh my!' blog on march 10, 2009
i blog. i rant.
yesterday was...a 'day' to say the least. when i got to tim's my parking options had been reduced to street parallel parking-which normally is fine. it was late. i was tired. i was really needing to park in front of the building and NOT 3-4 blocks away. after my second circle around the block i opted for the first few feet of sidewalk right by the entrance and began to ease myself in. it was the beginning of a job to be proud of-i was set up perfectly and all i needed to do now was pull forward and straighten out. yea right. i was on a hill. oh, and i drive a stick...that i just learned how to drive and am soooo not comfortable with. here's the point in my story where i tell you i had to call my boyfriend down from his fourth story to park my car for me. lame. so it's morning now and i am already late for work. i am PRAYING to god that the audi that was behind me is gone and i'll have no problems getting out. not. there is now a prius behind me...RIGHT on my bumper. there is no way, i'm not even going to risk it. so i text tim...not for his rescue but just to whine. that's our dynamic. i've already decided i'll just wait out the two hour parking limit and get out when i can. after a few 'really?' i'm sure sarcastic texts he informs me he is leaving work to help me. seriously, i have the best boyfriend EVER. {oh, should i mention that it is snowing?) i told him no. i feel super lame and he shouldn't leave work. he comes anyway. with his friend, who got out of the car and had a 'really?' look on his face. and gets it out and makes it look easy. there was no way i was going to risk it. oh, clutch/ hill combination how i loath you... i will never park there again. i will walk ten miles to avoid it.the end.

repost: things that make me angry

i am going to delete my old family blog...it is taking up space. omg, pray that i don't delete the wrong one again. so i am going to repost some posts that i don't want to lose on here...
original post of 'mommy, monkey, and bear. oh my!' blog on march 11, 2009
i'm gonna be angry, irate, mad, and emotional for one quick second!
i'm pissed. here's why:
the day after my niece died...
possibly the worst day of my life
-some little 18 year old shit decided to get totally wasted, steal his step dad's range rover {in nothing but his boxer shorts nonetheless}, and get behind the wheel with his two friends in the car completely endangering there lives and go for a ride.

on said ride, he decided he would drive TOO fast down the wrong side of the street, try and pick up FAR to young TOO short of skirt wearing girls-harassing them to tears, and then proceed to chase my family and i down a cul-de-sac and into someone's driveway just barely avoiding getting rammed by his car.

now, because of him i get to give up a whole monday out of my life and drive ALL the way to the tri-cites to testify as a witness cause i was the only one of us not to shaken to fill out a police report {and prob. because i'm the one who called 911}.

they won't let me out of it-they have to 'cover all their bases' so the attorney says.

i tried to tell him, 'that day is a blur...my f'n niece had just died.' and i FRIGGEN live in seattle now.

so tyler maddox i despise you and your drinking and driving!