Sunday, March 28, 2010

take two.

1. stella is doing wonderful! we are having a little bit of a setback with weight gain and feeding...but it isn't anything to worry about yet and we are just taking it one day at a time. she is a great sleeper, she just (barely) gets up to eat at night and then goes right back down without a makes things a lot easier on this tired ole' mom.
she is down to 8lbs 1oz, which is really close to the 10 percent she is allowed to lose without concern. so we've started supplementing with breast milk bottles (ugh, sad face-i really didn't want to) through the weekend until we can go in for a weigh on monday. at this point she should have started gaining again, so we're working to get some meat on them bones. she of course wants almost nothing to do with bottles, pacifiers, shields, and etc. it makes me feel good that all she wants is her mama :)
some things we love about stella: the way her lips are all floppy when her mouth is closed, her pensive thoughtful look (she is going to be a genius, i can tell), her stretching face, that she LOVES to snuggle, the looks she gives us right after her butt explodes, her name, that she photographs well (hehe, haha), her well times grunts in response to things we ask or say to her, and so many other things!
she hates, i mean hates to have her diaper or clothes changed and to be left just laying somewhere. uh oh, do we have a spoiled baby already?
2. *disclaimer, i will be talking about breastfeeding and using words like boob, maybe nipple, and other words involved in the actual act of breastfeeding. 
oh em gee, breastfeeding is making me she getting enough, why isn't she gaining weight, is she swallowing, are there enough poopy diapers, why won't she wake up more, why is that boob so much better than the other one-and on and on.
i totally thought that her and i had the hang of it, until friday when we went in for another weigh and she was down almost an ounce. then again, on saturday when she was down another .2 ounce. what the ef? she totally latches, she totally sucks, and she is def swallowing-the lac nurse said she could be fooling me with her swallows but i hear the swooshing of the milk and can feel it going down as she, you're wrong lady.
the lac nurse says, we're fine and we're still in the clear for now. she suggested that we start giving her my pumped milk in a bottle ever so often just to help her gain faster (also, we found it perks her up more and she is more willing to breastfeed). i don't like the idea, but i am more worried about her well being.
it doesn't help either that i have a nurse call me and tell me that things looked really bad, then realize that she didn't even have her info right before calling...ugh!
i mean, i have to be doing something right-i know when she is still hungry...she roots like crazy, so i feed her till she stops. she poops and pees a friggen TON! and the poop especially is a good indicator that she is getting something...well duh, isn't that what i was trying to say?
i wish babies had a little meter strip on them that notified me when she was full!
3. all i gots to say is, rowan went to her dad's for two weeks and came home potty trained. like totally trained...except for night. seriously, literally, whatever you the knick of time to NOT have two babies in diapers. phew.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

breastfeeding is turning me into a crazy person.

i am so tired, must nap.

so stay tuned for baby stella updates, shot me breastfeeding is damn hard (for me at least), and rowan uses the potty full time now. omg...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

give that girl a cookie...she's a genius.

zoe had conferences all last week-that is why we got some extra time with her this month! i was unable to attend this session due to the fact i was gonna have stella any second.
her teacher is really great and does a good job keeping me in the loop and is really understanding to our situation and helps us make it that much easier.
this is the email she sent me back, after i asked for the nitty gritty of what all happened and was discussed at her conference. 
i am not surprised at all that zoe continues to receive wonderful things said about her and her progress! she is doing so good in school and we love watching her transform into this little scholar :)

Hello Melissa,

Sorry I am now just getting back to you! Thank you for your emailJ I hope if you haven’t had your little one by now, that it comes soonJ
As far as Zoe in class,she is doing great! She has always done well and continuing to grow as a reading and loving school! She has no area of concern just to keep readingJ We are doing a read a thon now and she had to turn in her reading points so that we can earn a Kindergarten surprise, which is a walk to the park so they can play and have fun! So the kids are pretty excited about that.
Spring Break is next week, so I am assuming she is coming to see you.  Then only a few more weeks of school. We will be having a spring concert  May 12th, so that will be fun. Of coruse you are more than welcome to come, but not sure you want to drive all the way down here for 10 minutes of singingJ
I know Zoe loves her dance class on Friday. She always talks about it. She is well liked by both the girls and boys in class, and is an overall favorite in the class. You should be very proud of Zoe! She is such a joy to have in class
J She is so cute, smart and a very sweet girl! One of a should be proud. I told her dad the same thing J
Have a great day and congratulations on your new addition!!

Keeley Weege

PS: I told Zoe that I was going to email you (a few days ago) and of course she said to tell you Hello and that if she isnt there when the baby comes, she will be there to meet it soonJ SO CUTE!

labor? i wouldn't call that labor.

monday, i had a routine ob check for 38 (alllmost 39) weeks-i was really hoping for some good news along the lines of, 'you're at a 6, you'll have her anytime, yes i'll strip your membranes, and if nothing by thursday we'll induce.'
well...we started off with a conversation about how he didn't want to induce till monday or tuesday-i was way bummed. then he check me...made a weird face...striped my membranes (i know, total over share...i'm sorry)...and told me i was to go over to the hospital right now and that we were having a baby!
HUGE smile on my face, i went out to the waiting room to tell tim's mom tammy the news and start making prep plans (she kept saying this exact thing would happen, i didn't believe her) since we had row with us and i had nothing with me. and, i had to go RIGHT THEN according to the doctor.
so, again HUGE smile on my face i called tim and told him to get his butt in gear...we were having a baby!
i got to the hospital at about 1:15pm and got suited up and into (the most uncomfortable) bed (ever). by now i was a having regular strong contractions due to the aforementioned 'stripping' and was starting to get uncomfortable. tim got there around 2:00pm and my mom was on her way.
by the way, when i went over to the hospital i was at a 5.
at about 3pm, they decided to start me on pitocin to keep the contractions strong and move me along and shortly after my mom got there...then tammy got back...and then finally kira.
waiting...waiting...i got to a 6...waiting.
when the practice closed, doctor paley came over and broke my water. this brought on pretty strong contractions AND the back labor :( so i got my epidural around 5pm. at this point i was at a 7-8.
waiting...for like a paley came back in...kicked everyone out...i was complete.
so, at about 6:15pm i started pushing. and pushing. and pushing. and a whole lotta nothing happened. she was stuck...somewhere.
so, some more pushing. changing pushing positions. changing foot holders. pushing.
and, just when i thought i would die if i had to push for nothing anymore and my mom was in the corner thinking 'c-section, c-section, oh crap'
POP, and she was out at 7pm after 45 minutes (i didn't believe them when they told me that was all that had passed) of pushing. i think i mentioned before, that she came out facing straight up...hence the back labor :(
so, there she was 8lbs 13oz and 19.5 inches long with a 14.75 inch head...our perfect little stella jolie. we were so happy!
we let everyone ooggle over her for a second and then kicked everyone out for some family time.
the end.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

stella jolie rohr

Our girl is here! She was born at exactly 7pm...5 hours after I went into labor (with the help of a little pitocin)...yea, I said 5 hours. She was 8lbs 13oz and 19.5 inches long-perfect of course.
Getting her out was a little tough, due to the size of her head and the fact she decided she was coming out looking at everyone (face down is ideal, but not for this girl. Lol)
I know...your thinking 8lbs...almost 9?! Believe it or not, she is my smallest yet!
She is so sweet, at first she hardly cried and then was totally content being held while they cleaned and examined her. Her little personality is already coming out in the fact that she hates being disturbed or when people talk or make noice over a certain decible. It is hilarious how she gets the pouty face going and let's you know exactly how she feels.
She is already eating great-I can't believe it, I had so much trouble with the other two. It's just the keeping her awake and interested part that is getting us right now. That can only get better though.
I'm not sure 5 hours (yes, I pointed it out again) is worth a whole post of a birth story...but we'll see if I find some down time soon. Yea right.
Tim just absolutly LOVES her and keeps hogging her! i hope she stays a snuggler!
the hospital is soooo boring, and i can't wait to get home and post more photos and stories about our stella!
thanks everyone for your thoughts and congrats, we can't wait for you to meet her :)

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Monday, March 22, 2010

excuse me, i need your attention for a second...

we are at the hospital. ya, know...just having a baby.

secret recipe.

mmm, i ate so much frosting i might barf.

six/ 365.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


i bought a pair of adidas capri pants at costco last saturday, and have worn them at some point or another everyday since then (washed almost everyday of course) i'm not ashamed, it's all i have left that is comfortable. i am thirty eight weeks and three days pregnant. why does it feel like i have been for 13 months? tomorrow, i have another doctor appointment. i don't even know what i expect, but i hope it's something along the lines of she is coming now, soon, in like 3 seconds.
so until tomorrow...

i'm not even going to explain this. it's exactly how i feel.

Friday, March 19, 2010

till i think of something better to say...

here we are at thirty-eight weeks, we've even been that for a whole day now...and nothing. ugh.
i can't...can't, can't push on my ankle pressure point anymore...i think i have mildly broken it (ok, mildly overreacting now). a spicy noodle bowl is on the menu for lunch, with EXTRA extra siracha (sp?) sauce. i even broke out my breast pump...i won't go into detail, but you 'been so desperate to induce labor' ladies know exactly why i did that.
OHHHHHH, did i mention my mom called (well, had my sister 7am waking me up) to tell me that i would be having her today. she knew zoe was a girl, she knew rowan was a girl, and knew...well after changing her answer close to d-day...knew s would be a girl. so i am going to take a little wisdom from her early morning call and hope, pray, beg, and plead that she is right!
so, today i am cleaning and zoe is building forts out of pillows. and together we are doing a whole bunch of waiting around.
stay tuned for whatever 'day three.' photo i choose to bless you with...

Thursday, March 18, 2010

whine, i have a (self inflicted) boo boos.

ok, that's it. we're bringing out the big guns-pressure points! last night i had tim's mom show me the magic spots and we went to work. tim and i had been working on the hand ones for a couple of days without a lot of last night we focused mostly on the ankle ones. even after they left, i was hard at work bruising away at my poor ankles. it is a weird thing...i wasn't feeling contractions right away but i would get the feeling over me that i was about to have one-and that would linger for a bit. this morning i am having contractions, but so far nothing different then the normal i have already been it is really hard to say if they work?
day two/365. look closely at my ankle, apparently i am retaining some fluid for there to be such a crater left after pushing for...well, i did it for like an hour. ouch.

so, yesterday my doctor decided to have me come down to do a non-stress test because i had mentioned a little bit of a decrease in her movement. that went...ok-she was up to a lot of nothing at first and then they started stuffing me full of costco juice boxes and dry (seriously dry!) peanut butter crackers. that got her going. but, just to be on the safe side they sent me over for an ultrasound too.
last time we had an ultrasound she was being shy and kept her hand up in front of her face the whole time-so we didn't get any good 4-d photos or a good look at her features. this time the doctor was determined to get some fun shots-he had me rolling all over, bouncing on the side of my belly (totally safe) and all around acting silly trying to get her to show her face. it worked! oh em gee, she is sooo cute-she looks just like tim (well, she has his nose for sure!). she has huge lips, and the most adorable 'just waiting for me to kiss' chubby cheeks. we could also see TONS of hair floating around in there-which is no surprise, both the girls had tons of hair.
the other thing we looked at was her size...this has always been at the back of our minds since...wait for it...zoe was 9.5 lbs and rowan was 10.5 lbs. ok, fine i have big babies. anyway, at the last scan appointment the tech made us feel like we had nothing to worry about that she would be right between 7 and 8 lbs-perfect. well....she is already 8 lbs. and at this point they gain around a 1/2 a pound a week. the doctor was a little worried and told me he would pass his concerns onto doctor paley. we won't go into details, but there is a lot that goes along with having larger babies in terms of 'trauma' and 'recovery' and 'other stuff' haha. so, we're back on big baby watch. my doctor's nurse did call this morning and say that on monday at my weekly check we would do another scan and then talk about scheduling my induction after thursday (39 weeks) in case she doesn't come by then.

so, here is our adorable chubby little girl. who do you think she looks like?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. for reals.

i have to have to share with you our corn beef meal for today, in honor of st. patty's yummm! i am the recipe queen and i found this a few months back, and it was totally delicious. so i think from here on out i will share my finds here and there.

this one is so easy...

-a corn beef brisket, whatever size you want that will fit in your slowcooker. (we LOVE the packaged cut costco carries)
-aprx. a cup of brown sugar
-a four to six pack of guinness stout beer
-carrots, red potatos, and cabbage (ick!)

take out your beef and rinse and pat it dry. rub the brown sugar on all parts of the beef (side, top, bottom, etc.). place in slowcooker, and COMPLETELY submerge in beer. if you'd like you can add carrots, red potatos, and ick ick cabbage-you must add more beer if doing this though (the carrots turn out soooo good, omg). then, i'd cook it allllllll day (like 8-10 hours?)-we did a quick cook last time and it wasn't tender enough. i also, throw in the spice packet that came with the cut-it turns out good if yours happens to come with one.
*i would wait to add the veggies till the beef has two or three hours left.

and enjoy!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

effacement, dilation,

thank god. i plan not to die today...the doc had good news.
i am 3cm dilated, 50% effaced, and her head is as low as it'll go-woo hoo. he (obviously) said it was too soon to start talking about induction, and we'll get to that when we're at 39 weeks. but he is pretty positive i won't make it to then. in fact-he even hinted to the fact, he felt i wouldn't make it to my next appointment on monday. i'm not getting my hopes up though, so neither should you! untwist those panties of excitement now.
i asked what i could do in the meantime...walk, sex (oooo, yea i said it), supplements, squats-you name it... if they would get things going any faster. he said 'no' nothing i could do, would get me any farther into labor than i am now. so i can just sit back and relax all the while praying to the contraction gods for some good strong consistent contractions.
he even said i don't have to wait till 5-7 minutes apart, he said as soon as i feel they are the real thing and are consistent to call down and let them know i was coming to be checked (this because of how i am already dilated to a good number).
so here's to hoping, i go into labor...tonight? that would be awesome. cross your fingers...toes...whatevers! and stay tuned for your mass text of name (finally) and stats :)
yea, it's gonna get that big and my giant headed baby will come out, yea!

Monday, March 15, 2010

preparing to smoke her out.

i'm sorry if my blog has become a boring dribble drabble of 'get this baby outta me!' complaints. sorry jonathan if it seems like the last couple of episodes have been on repeat...i have failed you.
trust me, it'll get more exciting-zoe is here, so i'm sure there will be some amazing photos of her up soon. using my new found 'like crack' addiction to photoshop actions and textures. and she is always bound to say something random and hilarious, and of course i'll have to share it will all of you. so just hold tight, and i'm sure to entertain again!
that being said...
ugh, i got like 3 seconds of sleep. my contractions are still random and crappy-they seem to be worse at night. (the only glimmer of hope, its that they do seem to get stronger everyday). we went for about a mile walk yesterday-i would have done more but then we might have had to leave my nephew behind so that i could ride back in the stroller. (totally kidding, i would NEVER do that. ha.) my stomach literally looked lower just from the walk though, so move on down baby!
have i mentioned before how i might possibly just die if i go to the doctor tomorrow and i am nothing dilated again? cause i will, i might even mildly die if i am only at a one. i was waaaaaaaaaaaaaay more than that at this point with rowan. come on baby number three, you're suppose to come fast and easy! but not at home while i still have my pants on (someone needs to block 'baby story' on my tv. too many scenarios).
tim's sister holly and our adorable new niece and future cousin to this baby, are coming over today...yea! and they are bringing me some spicy food. so, taking the advice of our wise friend natalie-we're gonna try and smoke her out.
so till tomorrow...

Sunday, March 14, 2010

the adventures of nerd boy.

*i only titled it this, because it has been the constant topic of conversation all morning that i would use such a term on a facebook photo of the boyfriend.

i got tim a lift ticket for snowboarding at baker for christmas and until this week and it's eighteen some odd inches of fresh new snow rolled in-chances were looking dim that he was going to make it up to use it. 
his bro-in-law and him headed up yesterday and had a blast! they even ended up having to call it quits later afternoon due to the heavy snow coming down. better late than never i guess...
here are some photos he snapped from his phone:
and because she is just too terribly adorable not to include in this post. this is rowan a few weeks back, when we took my car to wash and vacuum it out. to avoid her running around and getting run over, we simply unbuckled her car seat and set it on the ground while we worked. she thought it was pretty hilarious. however does not look very ammused in the following photo, haha.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

11, 13:46, 7:23, 5:36, then nothing.

*(apart, they're averaging about 30 seconds long)
this is what my contractions have been like the last 24 hours...shoot me now. i totally don't remember this happening with rowan (i was induced with zoe), the contractions just started...became regular...we went to the hospital, and had a baby. so this off and on, is it happening? now it's not...IS KILLING ME.
so tim decided to go snowboarding today, i am mostly ok with it because this might be his last chance this year and with all that new snow how can you resist? and i just have to say in his defense, he offered not to go-but i would feel horrible if he stayed and we didn't have her for a week. i am a little nervous though, i just hope either him or his brother in law will have cell phone service and if needed can make the two hour drive back in record time.
so, let's cross. double cross. whatever our fingers that she at least waits till 5 or 6 pm tonight...that is if she plans on coming this soon.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

'yeah bibs!' like, 'yeah toast!' but with bibs.

*disclaimer. i don't claim to be the smartest, but how was i suppose to know that it isn't a good idea...if you are going to be sewing velcro on a machine, you probably shouldn't buy the kind with sticky backs? it just really means a lot of trouble for you and your sewing machine needle.

so tammy (tim's mom) and i made some super cute bibs. i just wasn't feeling the huge 'won't match most of anything' bibs you can find at target and whatnot. and to buy handmade ones on line was adding up to about an arm and a third of a finger.
these are so cool too because they are smaller, so they will be perfect for exactly what i need them for-infant drool and breast milk capture. yes i just said breast milk.
i found the tutorial and pattern here:  and make sure when you go the magazine link here for the tutorial make sure to click on the 'september 2009' magazine, over to the side. the tutorial is on page 51'ish i think. anyway, super easy...probably wouldn't even need instructions! my only suggestion is, do less than the 1/2 inch seam allowance it says to. it gets tricky to turn right side out, especially with thicker fabrics like the chenille we used.
the damask one is my favorite and if i were to do this over i would do less of the green dot-so you could see more of the cute fruit fabric. it ended up that way, because i only got 1/4 yard of fabric and because of the direction it was on the roll there wasn't enough. blah, blah, blah.
anyway, without further ado...the bibs:

thirty seven aka the 'ugh' post.

2 am, i am awake...i mean wide awake because my left side of face and arm are numb. i wasn't even laying on that side. that subsides eventually, but then i have that 'you know after you have dental work and the feeling starts coming back to your tongue but it feels HUGE?' feeling-so i am freaking out that i am about to swallow my huge tongue in my sleep, so i absolutely can not fall back asleep now. so i got up and was watching tv on the couch-all the while having contractions! trying not to get excited i just kinda ignored them.
12 pm, i am at the dr's (for my normal weekly visit)...tell said dr of these contractions. he checks me, and nothing. i mean i didn't even get a, 'well, uh maybe a finger tip dilated.' i was nothing. insert my sad face here.
so, he says 'i guess you'll live to see another day.' whatever the heck that means...weirdo. he really is kinda a weirdo. oh and the numbness, is just a 'i guess you have circulation problems when your preggo' ok, sure.
so, here we to see another day. i am out of excuses as to why my house looks the way it is, and i am going to make tim install the carseat today and help me pack my hospital bag. that should keep me busy for like a second.
oh, and tim's mom and i are going to make some mod baby bibs today, so stay tuned for another episode of 'excuse me, i crafted' haha. i crack myself up.
the girls are at their dads (ugh.) but then i get just zoe back on sunday for some special her and i time, while rowan stays there for some row and papa time. should be fun! zoe really wants to do the space needle, but i could almost bet this unborn baby that once we step up to the elevator it is going to be melt down time. i mean bless her heart, but she won't even go down the big slide at the playground.

haha, made you look. omg-you don't even want to know the things that pop up when you google 'fetus at 37 weeks' ew.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

excuse me, i crafted.

nesting? try, i've bought out the fabric store twice and this isn't even the tip of the iceburg. haha.
i love that i have a boyfriend who is totally into my craft side and a willing supporter and participant. my mom got me my very own-very first sewing machine, and i am over the moon...there is no stopping me now! so, i (and my mom, i would have sewed a blanket to my jeans without her...has helped a little) have been busy busy busy crafting. i made:
burpies, tim says...i'll def be using those! 

so, i made him some that weren't pink. next time i hit the fabric store he is getting some alexander henry fabric'd ones with the mexican lady skull things. lol.

then, since i tend to have large babies (please don't let this one be, please don't let this one be) regular swaddling blankets are never big enough. so i made a LARGE one with minky and this super cute flower fabric. 

my really good friend kira got me this super awesome moses basket (it was like numero uno on my baby needs excited to try it!) the fabric it came with was a little less that desirable though, so me and my mom vamped it up with this super cute bumper and a minky pad cozy!

and, last but not very first quilt! i got the idea and tutorial here: this one my mom def helped me with, eek! it was more difficult than it looks. but it turned out so sweet. you can't tell from the photos but one side all the seams are frayed, giving it a little extra something! and, if you'll turn your eyes towards the rocking chair...yea, i totally painted and made that one beautiful! now we are just waiting on my mom to make the cushions with some super yummy damask fabric we found.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

photoshop is just way to much fun.

this is my zoe, the most precious mermaid in the whole world...

we whidbey island-ed on saturday.

we drove down through mount vernon over deception pass-and hung for a bit. then we headed over to ft. casey, and yelled echoing voices into the dark scary dungeon tunnels. and finally took the girls on their very first ferry ride over to mukilteo. headed home, and ate ice cream cones.
oh, here are the photos.