Saturday, March 13, 2010

11, 13:46, 7:23, 5:36, then nothing.

*(apart, they're averaging about 30 seconds long)
this is what my contractions have been like the last 24 hours...shoot me now. i totally don't remember this happening with rowan (i was induced with zoe), the contractions just started...became regular...we went to the hospital, and had a baby. so this off and on, is it happening? now it's not...IS KILLING ME.
so tim decided to go snowboarding today, i am mostly ok with it because this might be his last chance this year and with all that new snow how can you resist? and i just have to say in his defense, he offered not to go-but i would feel horrible if he stayed and we didn't have her for a week. i am a little nervous though, i just hope either him or his brother in law will have cell phone service and if needed can make the two hour drive back in record time.
so, let's cross. double cross. whatever our fingers that she at least waits till 5 or 6 pm tonight...that is if she plans on coming this soon.