Sunday, March 14, 2010

the adventures of nerd boy.

*i only titled it this, because it has been the constant topic of conversation all morning that i would use such a term on a facebook photo of the boyfriend.

i got tim a lift ticket for snowboarding at baker for christmas and until this week and it's eighteen some odd inches of fresh new snow rolled in-chances were looking dim that he was going to make it up to use it. 
his bro-in-law and him headed up yesterday and had a blast! they even ended up having to call it quits later afternoon due to the heavy snow coming down. better late than never i guess...
here are some photos he snapped from his phone:
and because she is just too terribly adorable not to include in this post. this is rowan a few weeks back, when we took my car to wash and vacuum it out. to avoid her running around and getting run over, we simply unbuckled her car seat and set it on the ground while we worked. she thought it was pretty hilarious. however does not look very ammused in the following photo, haha.