Wednesday, March 17, 2010

barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. for reals.

i have to have to share with you our corn beef meal for today, in honor of st. patty's yummm! i am the recipe queen and i found this a few months back, and it was totally delicious. so i think from here on out i will share my finds here and there.

this one is so easy...

-a corn beef brisket, whatever size you want that will fit in your slowcooker. (we LOVE the packaged cut costco carries)
-aprx. a cup of brown sugar
-a four to six pack of guinness stout beer
-carrots, red potatos, and cabbage (ick!)

take out your beef and rinse and pat it dry. rub the brown sugar on all parts of the beef (side, top, bottom, etc.). place in slowcooker, and COMPLETELY submerge in beer. if you'd like you can add carrots, red potatos, and ick ick cabbage-you must add more beer if doing this though (the carrots turn out soooo good, omg). then, i'd cook it allllllll day (like 8-10 hours?)-we did a quick cook last time and it wasn't tender enough. i also, throw in the spice packet that came with the cut-it turns out good if yours happens to come with one.
*i would wait to add the veggies till the beef has two or three hours left.

and enjoy!