Tuesday, March 16, 2010

effacement, dilation, station...wtf?

thank god. i plan not to die today...the doc had good news.
i am 3cm dilated, 50% effaced, and her head is as low as it'll go-woo hoo. he (obviously) said it was too soon to start talking about induction, and we'll get to that when we're at 39 weeks. but he is pretty positive i won't make it to then. in fact-he even hinted to the fact, he felt i wouldn't make it to my next appointment on monday. i'm not getting my hopes up though, so neither should you! untwist those panties of excitement now.
i asked what i could do in the meantime...walk, sex (oooo, yea i said it), supplements, squats-you name it... if they would get things going any faster. he said 'no' nothing i could do, would get me any farther into labor than i am now. so i can just sit back and relax all the while praying to the contraction gods for some good strong consistent contractions.
he even said i don't have to wait till 5-7 minutes apart, he said as soon as i feel they are the real thing and are consistent to call down and let them know i was coming to be checked (this because of how i am already dilated to a good number).
so here's to hoping, i go into labor...tonight? that would be awesome. cross your fingers...toes...whatevers! and stay tuned for your mass text of name (finally) and stats :)
yea, it's gonna get that big and my giant headed baby will come out, yea!