Wednesday, March 10, 2010

excuse me, i crafted.

nesting? try, i've bought out the fabric store twice and this isn't even the tip of the iceburg. haha.
i love that i have a boyfriend who is totally into my craft side and a willing supporter and participant. my mom got me my very own-very first sewing machine, and i am over the moon...there is no stopping me now! so, i (and my mom, i would have sewed a blanket to my jeans without her...has helped a little) have been busy busy busy crafting. i made:
burpies, tim says...i'll def be using those! 

so, i made him some that weren't pink. next time i hit the fabric store he is getting some alexander henry fabric'd ones with the mexican lady skull things. lol.

then, since i tend to have large babies (please don't let this one be, please don't let this one be) regular swaddling blankets are never big enough. so i made a LARGE one with minky and this super cute flower fabric. 

my really good friend kira got me this super awesome moses basket (it was like numero uno on my baby needs excited to try it!) the fabric it came with was a little less that desirable though, so me and my mom vamped it up with this super cute bumper and a minky pad cozy!

and, last but not very first quilt! i got the idea and tutorial here: this one my mom def helped me with, eek! it was more difficult than it looks. but it turned out so sweet. you can't tell from the photos but one side all the seams are frayed, giving it a little extra something! and, if you'll turn your eyes towards the rocking chair...yea, i totally painted and made that one beautiful! now we are just waiting on my mom to make the cushions with some super yummy damask fabric we found.