Thursday, March 25, 2010

give that girl a cookie...she's a genius.

zoe had conferences all last week-that is why we got some extra time with her this month! i was unable to attend this session due to the fact i was gonna have stella any second.
her teacher is really great and does a good job keeping me in the loop and is really understanding to our situation and helps us make it that much easier.
this is the email she sent me back, after i asked for the nitty gritty of what all happened and was discussed at her conference. 
i am not surprised at all that zoe continues to receive wonderful things said about her and her progress! she is doing so good in school and we love watching her transform into this little scholar :)

Hello Melissa,

Sorry I am now just getting back to you! Thank you for your emailJ I hope if you haven’t had your little one by now, that it comes soonJ
As far as Zoe in class,she is doing great! She has always done well and continuing to grow as a reading and loving school! She has no area of concern just to keep readingJ We are doing a read a thon now and she had to turn in her reading points so that we can earn a Kindergarten surprise, which is a walk to the park so they can play and have fun! So the kids are pretty excited about that.
Spring Break is next week, so I am assuming she is coming to see you.  Then only a few more weeks of school. We will be having a spring concert  May 12th, so that will be fun. Of coruse you are more than welcome to come, but not sure you want to drive all the way down here for 10 minutes of singingJ
I know Zoe loves her dance class on Friday. She always talks about it. She is well liked by both the girls and boys in class, and is an overall favorite in the class. You should be very proud of Zoe! She is such a joy to have in class
J She is so cute, smart and a very sweet girl! One of a should be proud. I told her dad the same thing J
Have a great day and congratulations on your new addition!!

Keeley Weege

PS: I told Zoe that I was going to email you (a few days ago) and of course she said to tell you Hello and that if she isnt there when the baby comes, she will be there to meet it soonJ SO CUTE!