Thursday, March 25, 2010

labor? i wouldn't call that labor.

monday, i had a routine ob check for 38 (alllmost 39) weeks-i was really hoping for some good news along the lines of, 'you're at a 6, you'll have her anytime, yes i'll strip your membranes, and if nothing by thursday we'll induce.'
well...we started off with a conversation about how he didn't want to induce till monday or tuesday-i was way bummed. then he check me...made a weird face...striped my membranes (i know, total over share...i'm sorry)...and told me i was to go over to the hospital right now and that we were having a baby!
HUGE smile on my face, i went out to the waiting room to tell tim's mom tammy the news and start making prep plans (she kept saying this exact thing would happen, i didn't believe her) since we had row with us and i had nothing with me. and, i had to go RIGHT THEN according to the doctor.
so, again HUGE smile on my face i called tim and told him to get his butt in gear...we were having a baby!
i got to the hospital at about 1:15pm and got suited up and into (the most uncomfortable) bed (ever). by now i was a having regular strong contractions due to the aforementioned 'stripping' and was starting to get uncomfortable. tim got there around 2:00pm and my mom was on her way.
by the way, when i went over to the hospital i was at a 5.
at about 3pm, they decided to start me on pitocin to keep the contractions strong and move me along and shortly after my mom got there...then tammy got back...and then finally kira.
waiting...waiting...i got to a 6...waiting.
when the practice closed, doctor paley came over and broke my water. this brought on pretty strong contractions AND the back labor :( so i got my epidural around 5pm. at this point i was at a 7-8.
waiting...for like a paley came back in...kicked everyone out...i was complete.
so, at about 6:15pm i started pushing. and pushing. and pushing. and a whole lotta nothing happened. she was stuck...somewhere.
so, some more pushing. changing pushing positions. changing foot holders. pushing.
and, just when i thought i would die if i had to push for nothing anymore and my mom was in the corner thinking 'c-section, c-section, oh crap'
POP, and she was out at 7pm after 45 minutes (i didn't believe them when they told me that was all that had passed) of pushing. i think i mentioned before, that she came out facing straight up...hence the back labor :(
so, there she was 8lbs 13oz and 19.5 inches long with a 14.75 inch head...our perfect little stella jolie. we were so happy!
we let everyone ooggle over her for a second and then kicked everyone out for some family time.
the end.