Monday, March 15, 2010

preparing to smoke her out.

i'm sorry if my blog has become a boring dribble drabble of 'get this baby outta me!' complaints. sorry jonathan if it seems like the last couple of episodes have been on repeat...i have failed you.
trust me, it'll get more exciting-zoe is here, so i'm sure there will be some amazing photos of her up soon. using my new found 'like crack' addiction to photoshop actions and textures. and she is always bound to say something random and hilarious, and of course i'll have to share it will all of you. so just hold tight, and i'm sure to entertain again!
that being said...
ugh, i got like 3 seconds of sleep. my contractions are still random and crappy-they seem to be worse at night. (the only glimmer of hope, its that they do seem to get stronger everyday). we went for about a mile walk yesterday-i would have done more but then we might have had to leave my nephew behind so that i could ride back in the stroller. (totally kidding, i would NEVER do that. ha.) my stomach literally looked lower just from the walk though, so move on down baby!
have i mentioned before how i might possibly just die if i go to the doctor tomorrow and i am nothing dilated again? cause i will, i might even mildly die if i am only at a one. i was waaaaaaaaaaaaaay more than that at this point with rowan. come on baby number three, you're suppose to come fast and easy! but not at home while i still have my pants on (someone needs to block 'baby story' on my tv. too many scenarios).
tim's sister holly and our adorable new niece and future cousin to this baby, are coming over today...yea! and they are bringing me some spicy food. so, taking the advice of our wise friend natalie-we're gonna try and smoke her out.
so till tomorrow...