Sunday, March 28, 2010

take two.

1. stella is doing wonderful! we are having a little bit of a setback with weight gain and feeding...but it isn't anything to worry about yet and we are just taking it one day at a time. she is a great sleeper, she just (barely) gets up to eat at night and then goes right back down without a makes things a lot easier on this tired ole' mom.
she is down to 8lbs 1oz, which is really close to the 10 percent she is allowed to lose without concern. so we've started supplementing with breast milk bottles (ugh, sad face-i really didn't want to) through the weekend until we can go in for a weigh on monday. at this point she should have started gaining again, so we're working to get some meat on them bones. she of course wants almost nothing to do with bottles, pacifiers, shields, and etc. it makes me feel good that all she wants is her mama :)
some things we love about stella: the way her lips are all floppy when her mouth is closed, her pensive thoughtful look (she is going to be a genius, i can tell), her stretching face, that she LOVES to snuggle, the looks she gives us right after her butt explodes, her name, that she photographs well (hehe, haha), her well times grunts in response to things we ask or say to her, and so many other things!
she hates, i mean hates to have her diaper or clothes changed and to be left just laying somewhere. uh oh, do we have a spoiled baby already?
2. *disclaimer, i will be talking about breastfeeding and using words like boob, maybe nipple, and other words involved in the actual act of breastfeeding. 
oh em gee, breastfeeding is making me she getting enough, why isn't she gaining weight, is she swallowing, are there enough poopy diapers, why won't she wake up more, why is that boob so much better than the other one-and on and on.
i totally thought that her and i had the hang of it, until friday when we went in for another weigh and she was down almost an ounce. then again, on saturday when she was down another .2 ounce. what the ef? she totally latches, she totally sucks, and she is def swallowing-the lac nurse said she could be fooling me with her swallows but i hear the swooshing of the milk and can feel it going down as she, you're wrong lady.
the lac nurse says, we're fine and we're still in the clear for now. she suggested that we start giving her my pumped milk in a bottle ever so often just to help her gain faster (also, we found it perks her up more and she is more willing to breastfeed). i don't like the idea, but i am more worried about her well being.
it doesn't help either that i have a nurse call me and tell me that things looked really bad, then realize that she didn't even have her info right before calling...ugh!
i mean, i have to be doing something right-i know when she is still hungry...she roots like crazy, so i feed her till she stops. she poops and pees a friggen TON! and the poop especially is a good indicator that she is getting something...well duh, isn't that what i was trying to say?
i wish babies had a little meter strip on them that notified me when she was full!
3. all i gots to say is, rowan went to her dad's for two weeks and came home potty trained. like totally trained...except for night. seriously, literally, whatever you the knick of time to NOT have two babies in diapers. phew.