Thursday, March 11, 2010

thirty seven aka the 'ugh' post.

2 am, i am awake...i mean wide awake because my left side of face and arm are numb. i wasn't even laying on that side. that subsides eventually, but then i have that 'you know after you have dental work and the feeling starts coming back to your tongue but it feels HUGE?' feeling-so i am freaking out that i am about to swallow my huge tongue in my sleep, so i absolutely can not fall back asleep now. so i got up and was watching tv on the couch-all the while having contractions! trying not to get excited i just kinda ignored them.
12 pm, i am at the dr's (for my normal weekly visit)...tell said dr of these contractions. he checks me, and nothing. i mean i didn't even get a, 'well, uh maybe a finger tip dilated.' i was nothing. insert my sad face here.
so, he says 'i guess you'll live to see another day.' whatever the heck that means...weirdo. he really is kinda a weirdo. oh and the numbness, is just a 'i guess you have circulation problems when your preggo' ok, sure.
so, here we to see another day. i am out of excuses as to why my house looks the way it is, and i am going to make tim install the carseat today and help me pack my hospital bag. that should keep me busy for like a second.
oh, and tim's mom and i are going to make some mod baby bibs today, so stay tuned for another episode of 'excuse me, i crafted' haha. i crack myself up.
the girls are at their dads (ugh.) but then i get just zoe back on sunday for some special her and i time, while rowan stays there for some row and papa time. should be fun! zoe really wants to do the space needle, but i could almost bet this unborn baby that once we step up to the elevator it is going to be melt down time. i mean bless her heart, but she won't even go down the big slide at the playground.

haha, made you look. omg-you don't even want to know the things that pop up when you google 'fetus at 37 weeks' ew.