Thursday, March 4, 2010

thirty six.

here we are at 36 weeks, and boy am i ready!
at the dr. yesterday my uterus (ick, i hate that word) is measuring 36cm...which is perfect and easily translates into-THIS WON'T BE A HUGE BABY, yea :) i asked if we were going to do another ultrasound just to check her size, and his response was, "i'm not sure what we would do if she was going to be big...we already know you can deliver a 10.5lb baby." i'm thinking, yea...but it'd be nice not to. ha!
nesting, nesting, nesting...everything is ready for her. trust me, i have checked, organized, rechecked, repositioned, straightened, and re-straightened everything at least seven times. tim thinks it's funny. (let's just hope he doesn't stub his toes on the bassinet in our room, then i am going to really hear least as to why it is set up 4 weeks before my due date). i am making him install the car seat bases next weekend, he gave me a funny look but being the great daddy that he is going to be and the best bf that he already is...he goes along with pretty much all my nonsense.
her name is still a with it. lol. and just a warning, zoe gets to be the VERY first person we if she isn't here and is unreachable for some reason. no one gets to find out till i am able to tell her. sorry.
so stay tuned for a birth story or some bitching that she isn't here yet...

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Lindsey said...

So cute, love the photo strip of your growing belly! I will for sure want one of these some day.