Friday, March 19, 2010

till i think of something better to say...

here we are at thirty-eight weeks, we've even been that for a whole day now...and nothing. ugh.
i can't...can't, can't push on my ankle pressure point anymore...i think i have mildly broken it (ok, mildly overreacting now). a spicy noodle bowl is on the menu for lunch, with EXTRA extra siracha (sp?) sauce. i even broke out my breast pump...i won't go into detail, but you 'been so desperate to induce labor' ladies know exactly why i did that.
OHHHHHH, did i mention my mom called (well, had my sister 7am waking me up) to tell me that i would be having her today. she knew zoe was a girl, she knew rowan was a girl, and knew...well after changing her answer close to d-day...knew s would be a girl. so i am going to take a little wisdom from her early morning call and hope, pray, beg, and plead that she is right!
so, today i am cleaning and zoe is building forts out of pillows. and together we are doing a whole bunch of waiting around.
stay tuned for whatever 'day three.' photo i choose to bless you with...