Thursday, March 18, 2010

whine, i have a (self inflicted) boo boos.

ok, that's it. we're bringing out the big guns-pressure points! last night i had tim's mom show me the magic spots and we went to work. tim and i had been working on the hand ones for a couple of days without a lot of last night we focused mostly on the ankle ones. even after they left, i was hard at work bruising away at my poor ankles. it is a weird thing...i wasn't feeling contractions right away but i would get the feeling over me that i was about to have one-and that would linger for a bit. this morning i am having contractions, but so far nothing different then the normal i have already been it is really hard to say if they work?
day two/365. look closely at my ankle, apparently i am retaining some fluid for there to be such a crater left after pushing for...well, i did it for like an hour. ouch.

so, yesterday my doctor decided to have me come down to do a non-stress test because i had mentioned a little bit of a decrease in her movement. that went...ok-she was up to a lot of nothing at first and then they started stuffing me full of costco juice boxes and dry (seriously dry!) peanut butter crackers. that got her going. but, just to be on the safe side they sent me over for an ultrasound too.
last time we had an ultrasound she was being shy and kept her hand up in front of her face the whole time-so we didn't get any good 4-d photos or a good look at her features. this time the doctor was determined to get some fun shots-he had me rolling all over, bouncing on the side of my belly (totally safe) and all around acting silly trying to get her to show her face. it worked! oh em gee, she is sooo cute-she looks just like tim (well, she has his nose for sure!). she has huge lips, and the most adorable 'just waiting for me to kiss' chubby cheeks. we could also see TONS of hair floating around in there-which is no surprise, both the girls had tons of hair.
the other thing we looked at was her size...this has always been at the back of our minds since...wait for it...zoe was 9.5 lbs and rowan was 10.5 lbs. ok, fine i have big babies. anyway, at the last scan appointment the tech made us feel like we had nothing to worry about that she would be right between 7 and 8 lbs-perfect. well....she is already 8 lbs. and at this point they gain around a 1/2 a pound a week. the doctor was a little worried and told me he would pass his concerns onto doctor paley. we won't go into details, but there is a lot that goes along with having larger babies in terms of 'trauma' and 'recovery' and 'other stuff' haha. so, we're back on big baby watch. my doctor's nurse did call this morning and say that on monday at my weekly check we would do another scan and then talk about scheduling my induction after thursday (39 weeks) in case she doesn't come by then.

so, here is our adorable chubby little girl. who do you think she looks like?


Tasha said...

She totally looks like Tim! (Well all the pics I've seen of him!) Good luck with everything. I'm sure she'll be out soon!!

Natalie said...

Oh Em Gee!!! Tim jr. I LOVE The cheeks. But i'm not sure they'll compare to Kaiden's. He may have her beat. =P We'll see after I'm able to bite kiss them.. in comparison.