Thursday, March 11, 2010

'yeah bibs!' like, 'yeah toast!' but with bibs.

*disclaimer. i don't claim to be the smartest, but how was i suppose to know that it isn't a good idea...if you are going to be sewing velcro on a machine, you probably shouldn't buy the kind with sticky backs? it just really means a lot of trouble for you and your sewing machine needle.

so tammy (tim's mom) and i made some super cute bibs. i just wasn't feeling the huge 'won't match most of anything' bibs you can find at target and whatnot. and to buy handmade ones on line was adding up to about an arm and a third of a finger.
these are so cool too because they are smaller, so they will be perfect for exactly what i need them for-infant drool and breast milk capture. yes i just said breast milk.
i found the tutorial and pattern here:  and make sure when you go the magazine link here for the tutorial make sure to click on the 'september 2009' magazine, over to the side. the tutorial is on page 51'ish i think. anyway, super easy...probably wouldn't even need instructions! my only suggestion is, do less than the 1/2 inch seam allowance it says to. it gets tricky to turn right side out, especially with thicker fabrics like the chenille we used.
the damask one is my favorite and if i were to do this over i would do less of the green dot-so you could see more of the cute fruit fabric. it ended up that way, because i only got 1/4 yard of fabric and because of the direction it was on the roll there wasn't enough. blah, blah, blah.
anyway, without further ado...the bibs: