Friday, April 30, 2010

stella's new toy.

she just loves to grasp and ungrasp daddy's arm hair. and who are we kidding, there is a little extra to share.

mooooooom, no more photos please.

and other poor pixel photos from the depths of my cell phone...

tickled pink.

couold you ever in a million years get tired of looking at this face? no, no you couldn't.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

bummer man, he delivers.

i put a call into stella's doctor today. the call back was not what i wanted to here: 'it's just baby acne'
um...excuse me, but when does baby acne cover my child's head, face, and neck?
oh my god, listen to me very closely. DO NOT EVER google images for 'rashes of the skin' NEVER.
ok, lets calm down-it's not that bad other than it's coverage. it is pretty much colorless and you hardly notice it unless your like me and are constantly staring at her and stroking her soft cheek. what? i can't help it.
the nurse said it can last till she is six months or so. i'm not letting that you think one can will away baby pimples?
ok, acne rant over.

i ♥ hugs

we eat our friends around here. even the ones of the pink silky elephanty variety.

i could stare at this little face all day.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

shall we dance?

whenever stella is fussy, this is what daddy does to make her happy-it usually only lasts as long as the dancing but it is hilarious how her face is always the exact same every time.
(please excuse the tired screaming two year old in the background.)

check out some other HILARIOUS videos of my girls. seriously, they are pee your pants funny:

step one.

*ugh, print screen button you have failed me-so i am settling with this cut and paste from the official email i received. even though it would have been way cooler to do a screen shot and circle the word 'accepted' in hot pink-that appears on my online bellevue college profile. so humor me and just picture it.

Bellevue College Become Exceptional 
Congratulations Melissa. You've been accepted to Bellevue College.
Your Student ID number (SID) is XXXXXXXX. Your personal ID number (PIN) is your birth date in MMDDYY format. If your month starts with a zero, omit that first zero (making the pin a 5 digit number). You may change your PIN for more security at any time.

i'm not trying to really toot any horns here. i mean who am i kidding, pretty much anyone can get in-but this is really exciting (maybe 7 years late, but good that it's at all!).
blah blah...
so i am going back to school for my aa in diagnostic ultrasound technology-i want to look at cute babies with a xray stick thing...
i am a little nervous because it is a rigorous program followed by a pretty tough exam to get certified in the ob/gyn field. but i am so up for it!
i will start fall 2010, but i still feel like i am totally under the wire to get all my financial aid, grant, and loan stuff in. it doesn't help that i have to wait till the official date of my divorce (june 22nd) to apply, since otherwise 'the ex' will be counted as part of my eligibility.
the stuff i have read about this career is amazing, i could look at making around $50,000+ a year right out the door and dude, i have ALWAYS wanted a job where i could wear scrubs :)
so keep me in your thoughts when fall rolls'll be a crazy two years and then an awesome career to follow!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

old habits die hard (i guess).

haha, i totally just realized this when looking through old baby photos of row.
i'm sure i have some of the same of zoe, but all her itty bitty photos were on film so i can't add them :(

*in addition, i found these oldies that kinda go along with this theme...these are mostly not on purpose.

are you bored yet?

do you ever just get in a blogging rut?
i'm so there.
i mean, how many blog posts of pictures of my kids can i possibly have?
at least one more, i guess.

cute baby.

rowan and vivian.

i am a sucker for a baby in the 'touch down' pose.

i went to bed early last night, due to a horrible cold (aaaachoo!)-but knowing that tim is powerless against the couch and tends to fall asleep i would sneak out to make sure everyone was still up and kickin'. this is what i found...tim passed the ef out and stella totally engrossed in a good episode of myth busters ;)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Saturday, April 24, 2010

heck yes, sign me up!

i have somehow managed to come out of this breastfeeding thing in abundance-so i am going to participate in this:
they are sending your extra, leftover, and donated milk to haiti, africa, and many hospitals around the us.
it helps ailing babies that have no other way to receive the important nutrients in breast milk. it particularly is important for babies in africa suffering from aids- i can't wait to participate!

Friday, April 23, 2010


every once and awhile i straighten rowan's hair-it is fun to see how long it is under that bottom layer of curly hair. i have been debating lately just chopping a lot of her hair off and giving her some bangs. we are tired of the days meals ending up as knotting gel that we get to brush out!
it is so hard though, because i am starting to accept the fact that the second i hear snip those curls will be gone :(
cheese ball.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

one month.

holy moly, stella is a month old. anyone have the skinny on a baby pause button?
with zoe i couldn't wait for her to get older and reach milestones-become a little person. with rowan i held on a little more, now having known how fast it really does go. now with stella and most likely my last baby i am all about keeping her my itty bitty-she can just go ahead and stay my baby forever.
she had her one month today-first of all (thank you gassy gods) she is def not colic-she is just at that four to six week fussy evening stage, no thrush-just milk tongue, and might have a dairy/soy intolerance-great (not). 
she needs to start on vitamin d drops-since she is (i kid you not) been 100 percent breastfed-go me and stel!
*ps, we LOVE our pediatrician-dr. howsen at associated physicians in totem lake.

her stats are: 
weight 10lbs 7.5oz (75th %)
length  21.5 inches (50th %)
head    37.9 (which is only 50th percentile, not large!)

when we were taking this photo, i was using a bright pink burpie to get her attention and i was dragging it across her lips and i got her to smile! i just can't get enough of this little girl :)

hopefully you got yours by now.

since they went out early this week and it sounds like most people got them already-here is stella's birth announcement. photographed and designed by yours truly :)
if, you would like one and we didn't get your address for some reason-leave it in a comment and it'll be on it's way!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

bloggy friends.

hello, my name is melissa and i am a blog-aholic.
i love looking at blogs-family blogs, craft blogs, photography name it and we would love to check out yours. so if your checking out us from time to time and have a blog of your own-then leave the url in a comment and we'll be sure to add it!
thanks :)

(*que the music) back to life, back to reality.

le sigh. looooooong sigh.

yesterday i woke up blue, first stab a drinking again after ten months took a toll on me i guess. boo.
we had such a great visit with jesse and adrienne, we are so bummed it was so short though-but to top it all off the bbq at our place monday was awesome. there was new and old friends, good food, silly babies/ toddlers, and great conversation.
today i am having a love/hate feeling about the fact that stella still won't take nor likes binks. i have a pile of roman shades i need to finish hemming-almost done, but they take awhile and where is my babysitter?
tomorrow, i don't even know.
so, here is the last of the super awesometastic weekend photos...
adrienne, jesse, me, tim, and natalie

old highschool friends.

jesse and tammy


laugh out loud.

and, cause i won't waste your time with another post just for my silly girl. here is stella pn some tummy time-she stayed like that for fifteen plus minutes, i think the best part is how she has her legs out flat like that...reminds me of when little dogs lay like that. haha.

Monday, April 19, 2010

man, sheesh, grrr.

i have come to realize-that pregnancy and breast feeding can be summed up (basically) in a list of things you CAN'T do.

here is mine so far, and is not limited to:
sometime after 1am i can't sleep on my stomach until stella wakes to eat.
i can't fit into any of the clothes i could before my pregnancy.
i can't eat mcdonalds
i can't eat papa murphy's (prob. all pizza for that matter)
i can't eat hotdogs. even costco ones. boo.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

uncle sam-don't let him take your money.

after all the fun at pikes, we headed up the way to sam's in capitol hill.

on the way we saw my family's treasured van we sold last month.

sam finally got to hold stella and not have her trying to nurse off his incapable parts.

then it was his turn, cause she was being cute. look at that stare...i think she likes her uncle jesse (or is scared?).

then rowan wore this art piece. right before she turned into the napless monster.

all the while stella kept being cute.

germ wall. gum wall.

finally. i have seen the gum wall! i have lived in seattle my whole life and just recently learned of such a fantabulous place.
take three of the awesome jesse and adrienne visit, found us at pikes place market today-and first thing i said when i found out that was in the plans was that i wanted to finally check this place out. it is down in post alley kinda at the end and underneath the market (down the alley by the pig and under the awesome bubble tea place).
we all went armed with a mouthful of gum-tim (the best ever) made an 'm' out of my gum and put it on the wall for me. i'm all, 'but i'll have to touch the baby later, i shouldn't touch the wal!' lol.
the best part was when jesse's little bro picked up a huge wad of chewed gum and carried it over to show us. eeeew.
the gum wall rocks!

little face.

stella makes the funniest faces. the end.

the snoqualmie fell.

yesterday, we headed out to fall city to meet up with jesse and adrienne. after showing stella off to his family we all headed over to the falls. it was pretty nice at first, but right as we were packed back up into the car there was a flash flood downpour complete with thunder and lightning...phew, we dodged that one!
*notice, how we are standing in front of the guard rail at some point-but there is not a single photo of the actual waterfall. lol.
and, there is always time to do a quick candid capture of my little row.