Thursday, April 29, 2010

bummer man, he delivers.

i put a call into stella's doctor today. the call back was not what i wanted to here: 'it's just baby acne'
um...excuse me, but when does baby acne cover my child's head, face, and neck?
oh my god, listen to me very closely. DO NOT EVER google images for 'rashes of the skin' NEVER.
ok, lets calm down-it's not that bad other than it's coverage. it is pretty much colorless and you hardly notice it unless your like me and are constantly staring at her and stroking her soft cheek. what? i can't help it.
the nurse said it can last till she is six months or so. i'm not letting that you think one can will away baby pimples?
ok, acne rant over.


Linkie Lueville said...

Nate had it when he was a baby as well. My parents used a gentle face wash like cetaphil.