Sunday, April 11, 2010

fatty, fat, fat much.

just a quick post.
i gave up soda the day stella was born-that is going great. i am finally over the hump of crazy midnight style cravings for it. so i think i'll live.
then when easter was over and i indulged one last time in some clearance candy-then i gave that up to. seriously, ask tim...he kept trying to lure me in with the now 75 percent of chocolate bunnies at fred meyers-but i turned the other way and he got a few stern no's.
next step...walking about an hour or a mile or so a day-so far so good (who are we kidding, these first two days we did about 30-40 minutes. but we gotta start somewhere right?) today it was a nice walk in the fresh air at the bellevue slough-it was so nice to get out as a fam and enjoy the breeze and sun. seriously i felt a little lighter and healthier when we were done!
so, naturally the second we were done we got back in the car and drove to top pot (a doughnut joint) so i could eat one two doughnuts and drink half a latte.


Natalie said...

LMAO! All my friends ate anything and everything while they nursed and still managed to lose weight. Naturally, I reacted in the same manner...MAJOR FAIL! Little did I know THEY were producing as much dairy as a damn cow and my dribble was hardly working up a few calories to produce. ugh, now I'm working off my baby and post baby weight. LAME!