Sunday, April 18, 2010

germ wall. gum wall.

finally. i have seen the gum wall! i have lived in seattle my whole life and just recently learned of such a fantabulous place.
take three of the awesome jesse and adrienne visit, found us at pikes place market today-and first thing i said when i found out that was in the plans was that i wanted to finally check this place out. it is down in post alley kinda at the end and underneath the market (down the alley by the pig and under the awesome bubble tea place).
we all went armed with a mouthful of gum-tim (the best ever) made an 'm' out of my gum and put it on the wall for me. i'm all, 'but i'll have to touch the baby later, i shouldn't touch the wal!' lol.
the best part was when jesse's little bro picked up a huge wad of chewed gum and carried it over to show us. eeeew.
the gum wall rocks!