Wednesday, April 14, 2010

good morning aka the 'then' post.

rowan came home from her dad's last night-and has been a total dream. she was so cute and snugglie...passing out the 'i love you's' left and right. then, at bed time she went in and went potty, turned on her beach boys, and climbed right in so we could read some silly stories. then, she let me pull the blankets up and tuck her in...wait, i am getting ahead of myself-rowan HATES (well, hated) to have blankets on her. if you pulled them up, she would kick them down screaming. if you asked if she wanted blankets she would scream no. so, last night was totally a milestone. then, she noticed she was out of water and instead of screaming, getting out of her bed, and banging on the door-she calmly stayed under the covers and nicely called out for more water. awesome. oh, and she is still potty trained...going strong!
annnd then, she is still sleeping-which is rare for this hour.
then, to top it off. my three week old puts herself to sleep. i swaddle her up, lay her down. and she goes to sleep. that little girl just ceases to amaze me! then, last night-she totally reached up and grabbed tim's fingers and he is was wiggling them in front of her while they were having daddy/ stella time. genius.