Monday, April 5, 2010

hip hop.

happy easter, yesterday...
we had a really great one this year-we had both girls (shoot, all THREE girls!), tim's gma was here from mn, and we had a wonderful dinner down at his uncle's with the rest of his family. i wish i had gotten more photos of the girls in their dresses-they all looked soooo cute. zoe had a super cute black and white dress with hot pink tights, rowan wore a cute hand me down dress from zoe, and stella wore a super cute dress from my dad (it is kinda his tradition) that was super huge on her.
they had fun finding eggs in brad's hanger/ garage-i think zoe found the most. this all before banging her poor little eye on the tail of his plane. oops. rowan for some reason was terrified of the big open space and insisted someone walk around holding her hand while she looked for eggs.
stella is doing really good. she is awake a ton now during the day and her new fav thing to do it stare at her little toy mirror or the things hanging from her floor gym. she simply amazes me...i didn't even think stuff like that caught their attention this early on. poor baby has to go in and have her b-button cauterized on isn't healing all the way and has been leaking. we'll also do another weigh and see how the little tiger is doing-still gaining hopefully! 
rowan went back to her dad's for another week or so, so stella and i have the house to ourself to catch up on some sleep. i get her back tuesday and then she'll start back at montessori school while i go back to work! i bet that she will just love to be back with her friends and teachers.
it has been a wonderful week having all the girls here together...even though i wanted to pull my hair out for most of it, i still loved every second!


Natalie said...

A-mazing photo of the girls! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

Natalie said...

Is that my gramma Arlene?