Monday, April 12, 2010

holy milk, cow.

i just took stella in for her last weigh-on this journey i would like to quickly forget...anyway, she is up to 9lb 4.8oz (up from 8lb 14.8oz on tuesday. this girl is gaining a lb a week!) so, then just for...excuse my french...shits and giggles i fed and then weighed her-i was curious what she takes in at this point. you'll never believe it, but she took in 6oz in just over 8 minutes! especially since sometimes she nurses for 20 minutes-what does she take in then?!
holy crap!
i talked to a lac nurse while we were there and she said everything is perfectly fine and especially since she has yet to have a drop of formula-there is nothing wrong with this intake and rate of gain. she said chances are stellie will really, i mean really plump up and then once she is moving around aka crawling/walking then she'll slim down.
so now that this girl is gaining great...that means more sleep for me-since now i can stop waking her up to eat at night. i am sure she will still get up once but other than that, this girl can sleep.
yea for stella!