Saturday, April 3, 2010

neglect you not...i promise.

man, three kids...what was i thinking? wait, no-i am kidding (mostly).
i have been absent for the following, but not limited to reasons:

i had a stomach virus-barf.
stella nurses constantly-hard to do at the computer.
zoe and rowan are more sisters than ever-bicker, tattle, hit, bicker, tattle, and repeat.
i have not been absent for rowan 'diaper changing'-she is potty trained now. haha.
i have a 12 day old at home, the day before she was even younger-and so on.
i have a two year old at home, and OH MAN-is she a two year old.
i have a six year old at home, and bless her heart is my neediest child.
    (let me just stop right here and point out my total jokey joke attitude i have going in this post- i totally love having my three girls, i couldn't imagine doing anything else with my life. they are all a blessing, each in their own way)

    stella, is gaining-finally! she had her 7-14 day check up yesterday and is up to 8lb 5oz point something...which is three something ounces since monday so she is gaining the right amount each day. ideally she should be back to her birth weight of 8lb 13oz today, but obviously she is one of those does what she wants little ladies...and i am ok with that (now, after freaking out about it for a week). her doctor said as soon as she hits that birth weight i can stop waking her at night to eat-and let me tell you...that girl would sleep all through the night if i let her. tim took her to her appointment all by himself-i was to sick and couldn't reschedule. he is so amazing, he actually likes doing things like that-me and the girls are so blessed to have him in our lives.
    *update: yesterday went in for ANOTHER weigh and lac appointment-she is up to 8lb 7oz...which is really good. she is gaining an ounce or more a day, which is exactly where she should be. yea! also, she is eating perfect and i am feeding her perfect-that all makes me feel so much better! however, the nurse showed some concern for her SUPER high pallet (i guess she gets that from daddy) and said that causes her to have a difficult time creating a 'vacuum' and is something we will have to watch over time continuing to follow her weight. if her gain slows down we might have to see a specialist.
    stella is awake more and more and it is so fun to watch her check out this new world. when were on the couch she will just stare at all the photos hanging behind it-she is so thoughtful and inquisitive. she slowly but surely is hating clothing and diaper changes less and less-now we get mostly grunts of disapproval instead of screaming. she still hates bottles and we have yet to really introduce a bink-she has gotten it a few times when she has the hiccups or at night, but even then hardly at all.
    we are so excited for all the fun that april holds for us-i finally (and stella) get to meet tim's bestie and his gf (we can finally be more than facebook friends, lol). they are coming all the way from ga just to see us-ok, his mom too but who is keeping track? natalie and k-man are coming too...the same weekend! whew, we're gonna be busy. then, dun duh dun...will my divorce finally be final? oh, geeze i hope so! so...busy busy busy.
    i am a moody hormonal mess, losing my mind a little at a time-all the while having a blast with my kids. i am going to go back to work-for my mom, starting monday. it'll be really nice to have the extra money, it'll be good for row to get back to school, and it'll be a little different from the day to day chaos of sitting at home that i have been doing.
    so, with out furthur ado. some photos, that i didn't round the corners on or spend to much time editing cause i am tired, busy, and always needing more sleep.

    ps people, leave comments (please). we'd love to see who is stopping by and hear what you think of this crazy thing we're calling life :)  


    Natalie said...

    I haven't seen Dilldo in about 5 years (or more). I'm super excited for the 19th. Since we can't leave it up to the men to plan the day out, when would be a good time for us (my mom, sister, Kaiden, and myself) to swing on over? Are we doing dinner that night as a group? Are we going out to eat or eating in? It would probably be a good idea to visit when jesse is there and NOT there so that i get time with you guys. Jesse will hog. So when you're not nursing, breaking up the other two, or sleeping FB me some possible details.