Thursday, April 22, 2010

one month.

holy moly, stella is a month old. anyone have the skinny on a baby pause button?
with zoe i couldn't wait for her to get older and reach milestones-become a little person. with rowan i held on a little more, now having known how fast it really does go. now with stella and most likely my last baby i am all about keeping her my itty bitty-she can just go ahead and stay my baby forever.
she had her one month today-first of all (thank you gassy gods) she is def not colic-she is just at that four to six week fussy evening stage, no thrush-just milk tongue, and might have a dairy/soy intolerance-great (not). 
she needs to start on vitamin d drops-since she is (i kid you not) been 100 percent breastfed-go me and stel!
*ps, we LOVE our pediatrician-dr. howsen at associated physicians in totem lake.

her stats are: 
weight 10lbs 7.5oz (75th %)
length  21.5 inches (50th %)
head    37.9 (which is only 50th percentile, not large!)

when we were taking this photo, i was using a bright pink burpie to get her attention and i was dragging it across her lips and i got her to smile! i just can't get enough of this little girl :)