Tuesday, April 6, 2010

our (not so little) stelly bean.

just a quick post to report that little stella j. is up to 8lbs 14.8oz-this is sooo good, it means she is gaining more that enough a day and still eating great! she is over the hump finally and i can relax a little (cause we all know how crazy i was being about the whole thing). hehe.
i also, checked with the nurse and i can let her go two 4 hour periods a night without waking her-which is great for me! but doing so i have to watch her weight with the change in schedule to make sure she stays on a gaining track.
we have to check her weight again in a week, but all signs point to great progress.
i was a total nerd at the lac clinic-when i saw her weight i was giddy and squealing to stella with excitement, congratulating her. the lac nurse we have been seeing came out smiling saying, 'you must see good news!'
i'm so glad this whole under weight thing is over :)