Wednesday, April 21, 2010

(*que the music) back to life, back to reality.

le sigh. looooooong sigh.

yesterday i woke up blue, first stab a drinking again after ten months took a toll on me i guess. boo.
we had such a great visit with jesse and adrienne, we are so bummed it was so short though-but to top it all off the bbq at our place monday was awesome. there was new and old friends, good food, silly babies/ toddlers, and great conversation.
today i am having a love/hate feeling about the fact that stella still won't take nor likes binks. i have a pile of roman shades i need to finish hemming-almost done, but they take awhile and where is my babysitter?
tomorrow, i don't even know.
so, here is the last of the super awesometastic weekend photos...
adrienne, jesse, me, tim, and natalie

old highschool friends.

jesse and tammy


laugh out loud.

and, cause i won't waste your time with another post just for my silly girl. here is stella pn some tummy time-she stayed like that for fifteen plus minutes, i think the best part is how she has her legs out flat like that...reminds me of when little dogs lay like that. haha.