Wednesday, April 28, 2010

step one.

*ugh, print screen button you have failed me-so i am settling with this cut and paste from the official email i received. even though it would have been way cooler to do a screen shot and circle the word 'accepted' in hot pink-that appears on my online bellevue college profile. so humor me and just picture it.

Bellevue College Become Exceptional 
Congratulations Melissa. You've been accepted to Bellevue College.
Your Student ID number (SID) is XXXXXXXX. Your personal ID number (PIN) is your birth date in MMDDYY format. If your month starts with a zero, omit that first zero (making the pin a 5 digit number). You may change your PIN for more security at any time.

i'm not trying to really toot any horns here. i mean who am i kidding, pretty much anyone can get in-but this is really exciting (maybe 7 years late, but good that it's at all!).
blah blah...
so i am going back to school for my aa in diagnostic ultrasound technology-i want to look at cute babies with a xray stick thing...
i am a little nervous because it is a rigorous program followed by a pretty tough exam to get certified in the ob/gyn field. but i am so up for it!
i will start fall 2010, but i still feel like i am totally under the wire to get all my financial aid, grant, and loan stuff in. it doesn't help that i have to wait till the official date of my divorce (june 22nd) to apply, since otherwise 'the ex' will be counted as part of my eligibility.
the stuff i have read about this career is amazing, i could look at making around $50,000+ a year right out the door and dude, i have ALWAYS wanted a job where i could wear scrubs :)
so keep me in your thoughts when fall rolls'll be a crazy two years and then an awesome career to follow!


Natalie said...

A-mazing. Period.