Thursday, April 8, 2010

we're baby wearing again.

when i had rowan i began investing in different 'baby wearing' apparatuses. over time i have collected a sling, a moby wrap, a baby bjorn, a snugglie (like a baby bjorn), i've borrowed a ergo carrier and LOVE it and want to find a used one, and a hiking style carrier. my two favs that i own have been the sling and the moby-i didn't get the moby till rowan was about one and a half, but still loved it for was just a little harder on my back.
yesterday while i was making dinner to the tune of a crying baby, i busted out the moby and slid stella in...she LOVED it, and it was amazing the difference between having her in it and what i was used to with my huge toddler. i am so excited to start using them again and be hands free!