Wednesday, May 5, 2010

1. arm yourself 2. post ad on craigslist

there is a lady coming to my house today to buy some left over newborn diapers that i posted on craigslist, and i am scared. seriously. i usually try and send tim or make sure he is with me. he'll even protect himself in some way, just to be extra careful. it really sucks it has come to all of this precaution.
incase you are unaware about what has happened in our area recently-this is the story of a family who house was invaded for a ring posted on craigslist and ultimately ended in the death of a father/husband trying to protect his family.
this is all so heart goes out to the family. this is truly an amazing women standing true with her faith!


Natalie said...

1. WTF are you doing straddeling danger?

2. I'm scared for you. pretty sure Im' scared to ever use craigslist...ever again!