Sunday, May 2, 2010

attack of the bedtime bath.

ok, we all know mr. bubble right? he's always down for a good ole' fun loving time in the tub...
well, last nights bath proved that he had ulterier motives. to scare the CRAP out of rowan.
she got in the bath excited as usual and i asked if she wanted bubbles-so i poured them in and bubble they did. at this point rowan was at the opposite end of the tub facing that wall and only a small amount of bubbles had formed around her and she was having fun in them (this is when i snapped the following photos). then all the sudden she felt the need to turn around to the other side and see the wall of bubbles headed her way (ok, i put the whole bottle in...i was trying to be the cool mom). she FREAKED out, seriously. she was balling and yelling ouchie bubbles and cowering into the farthest corner of the bath. then started screaming, 'out mommy out!' i have never seen anything more crazy in my whole life-a two year old scared of a bubble bath.


melissa rohr said...

That's a more common rxn at that age than you realized.