Sunday, May 9, 2010

celebrating uncle sam.

i discovered last night that twenty nine lit candles make a cake rather hard to handle. i even burnt my finger not once, but twice-stupid fire.
last night we headed out to tim's moms house to celebrate sam-he is aging sometime this week and just wrapped up a second year at cornish school of arts.
we were in charge of the cake, so naturally we went all out with it's taste (mmm, homemade cream cheese frosting!) and decorating. we used an old baby photo of sam as a topper. awe.
then in my last minute style, the zoe and i came up with an amazing 'made by zoe' gift for him. the girls had just gotten these AWESOME color books from the AWESOME jesse and adrienne-in them was this really cool goldfish color page. so we turned it into an aquarium! we made it totally multi media-adding ribbon for seaweed, making the bubbles pop off the page, glittering the heck out of it, and then adding a black border and brown 'wooden' bottom. it turned out great and i honestly hardly helped at all (that is how AWESOME my zoe is)!