Saturday, May 29, 2010

a girl and her hats.

ok, so seriously this was my first try at using the 'a' setting on my nikon d40x. i am not even kidding when i say that i shot most all all on auto (and so far it hasn't really let me down) but i have decided it is finally time to break out of my scarredy cat shell and learn somethings about my camera and lens. i would LOVE to learn how to do a bokeh, yummy sun flares, and get that perfect blurred background-but i think it is going to take some getting used to all the settings. plus, i am told my lens isn't ideal for what i want (18-135mm) so i need to start saving my pennies to get a 50mm and then maybe the nikon d90 (i can dream big can't i?). but for now, i have 3 books on my camera and digi photography on hold at the library and dammit i will become a closet professional yet!
so bare with my blurry grainy photos, even though i think that add a little something something to them (and it really is all in the eye of the beholder).
so, in total mamarazzi mode i realized that stella is already out growing ALL of her awesome hats or it is just a fashion no no for her to still wear some of the winter beanies so me and rowan put on some of our favs to document her collection (still not all pictured, stella got antsy and was done with the musical hats).
i am not a hundred precent sure which texture it was that i used, but i just found the amazing motherload on textures-used here and actions-not this one, over at 


Lacey said...

Ok, these are adorable!!!

I just have to know...what editing software are you using?

melissa rohr said...

lightroom and cs3 :)

faith ann raider said...

LOVE the texture you used on these!!