Tuesday, May 25, 2010

i am guilty of.

1. calling or texting my boyfriend from bed, when he is in the living room to bring me something (most likely pointless).
2. using all the hot water on little ole' me.
3. calling on nick jr. to babysit when this mom just needs a second.
4. watching the hills.
5. adding to the dyer till it is overflowing because i don't want to have to fold laundry.

so what are your deep dark guilties? i bet if you say them out loud...you'll find, lots of other people are maybe just a little nuts like you.

name your top five in a comment or on your blog and link back so we can all see ;)


Christy said...

I totally call my husband from bed, usually to tell him to turn the music/tv down because I can't sleep...and I love Nick Jr and all their shows :-)

Andrea said...

I am guilty of using the boob tube as a sitter on occasion as well. Although Nick Jr is definitely NOT what it was when I was a kid. :o/

Anonymous said...

Guilty of all of the above!!