Tuesday, May 18, 2010

i wil bie a dog.

rowan came home from her dad's on sunday and packed away in her bag was a special last minute mother's day gift from zoe. it was a SUPER cute, well look...
and inside was filled with these wonderful things that zoe will do for me when she is here. this is most fun, because you can tell she did it ALL herself-even the spelling, lol. but i have to hand it to her, it really isn't that bad. here are some of my favs:

-i like you
-i will take picshrs for you
-i love you
-i wil giv you a bokae of flours
-i wil pae for the ice kreme
-i wil kling the hows
-i wil giv you hugs
-i wil chrie (try) to make a ckake (cake) for you
-i will wosh the babee
-i can giv you a cis
-i wil help you wif the babee

um, hello...can you say adorable...or that i have the best daughter...or she is amazing?!


Lacey said...


And to think I once made fun of my mom for saving all my crafty gifts/projects from when I was a wee-one.

Now that I am a parent myself, I couldn't imagine not saving every single one of these gems!

Happy [little late but still deserved] Mother's Day to you.

Tasha said...

So cute!!

Linkie Lueville said...

Oh my gooooooodness! So darn, stinkin cute! Zoe, Zoe, Zoe.

Oh and to answer you question about the pics, I'm going to host them in a zip folder so you can download them.

Gramma said...

NEVER use those coupons (or at least save them after use)
Its moments like this that make it ALL WORTHWHILE
ZOE is the best.

melissa rohr said...

i think my fav is 'i wil wosh the babee' lol, she is hilarious. i think i am going to hold her too it and have her bie the dog though :)
of course i am going to save them mom-i have all that stuff tucked away...even the paper's with one scribble she did way back when.

Natalie said...

I LOOOOOVVVEEE HER!!!! And might I add, parenting classes clearly paid off for you-know-who. This is great!

melissa rohr said...

lol, except i think the gf had a hand in this one. mike doesn't have a creative bone in his body ;)