Tuesday, May 25, 2010

in a yellow house photo challenge: your town.

whew, this is a hard one. seattle, wa has so much to offer...so much history, future, art, fun, and pretty much anything imaginable.
ok, so my most favorite thing that my town has to offer is actually about two and a half hours away but when i saw nine inch nails there they said, 'how you doin' seattle? (or something the same)' so it counts, haha.
the gorge, in vantage/george, wa:
i mean seriously, who else can say they have seen tool (the band) just after sunset have a whole crowd quite in their awe while they hold lighters and cell phones illuminating all the hills in the amphitheater and the gorge?! or fried their butts off during the day and froze their toes off at night catching the last band of a festival?!
this place is magical.
i saw my first real concert ever there-matchbox 20 and train. i got caught for the first time drinking under age there. i've camped at the gorge grass lawn and gettys cove down the street. i've made some of my most memorable times there.
we make it a point to try and go to at least one concert there a year...this year, jack johnson!

my entry for the challenge, it doesn't get better than that...
these are from sasquatch last year, we saw nin, jane's addiction, king of leon, the yeah yeah yeahs, and so much more. it was one of my most fun concerts ever.


Daisygirl said...

Hi coming by from Follow me back Tues! I am now following ! I love the photos on your blog and so jealous you saw Kings of Leon!

Have a great Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

Hi love! Following you back from Follow Me Back Tuesday...I LOVE the pics...I think I'm gonna move there!

Your blog is adorable..so glad we found each other! XO

Colleen said...

The gorge sounds like a blast. We're heading out to our local venue to see Jack Johnson in July. Yay!

Chelsey - The Paper Mama said...

Wow! Awesome photos... By the way: I met my husband at the Gorge at a Dave Mathews Concert. :)

We want to go again.... Maybe not with the baby this year.... we'll see! I'd love to see Jack.

melissa rohr said...

it is an amazing place to spark some love that is for sure :) i can't wait till i am brave enough to take the littles there-they will love it!

we don't get to see jack till october, boo. it'll be freezing there then.

Southern Reflexions said...

Hey I'm following from the yellow house photo challenge & FMBT...So excited to see more of your photos and stories you share of your cute family!! :-D

~ Marlie


Yellow House said...

I love these pictures and I love the Gorge! I just dont like their port-a-potties. :( We have some great memories from there as well. I love that you chose this WA spot!