Sunday, May 16, 2010

in a yellow house photo challenge:pets.

this is my cousin's pet tortoise 'sonic boom', she has had him since she was young and he fit snuggly into the palm of her hand. he is the size of a large dog now and looks like something straight out of jurassic park-so imagine my surprise when we were there this last weekend for a family visit and i look out and see this grazing their back yard! check out more entires over at in a yellow house.


Yellow House said...

Oh my goodness! I love this! Thanks for joining in the photo challenge. A new one for this week will be up on Wednesday.

Your blog is wonderful! Congrats on the Paper Mama challenge. I love your photos and I love that you read Nie Nie too. I am excited to follow!

Yellow House said...

Also -- are you in Seattle? Love the Gasworks pictures!

melissa rohr said...

i am in seattle :) are you as well? we love every last thing it has to offer and hit up gasworks often!