Wednesday, May 5, 2010

my morning.

rowan has cried more than she has breathed.
i had to clean pee up. it's my own fault though.
i hear the baby stirring and grunting, her classic 'i am about to wake up and i want boob now' noises. so, do i have time to scarf down a bowl of gross (unsatisfying, unhealthy) cereal before my day begins and i don't have one single second to myself till my 8 o'clock pumping and bedtime?
nope, there is no good cereal and i am not ready to brave that giant bag of malt-o-meal honey nut cheerios.
oh, praise the tea god. we have passion tea and i have my new cup. i'll have that.
do you think vodka would be good in passion tea lemon-aid?
*see what i am dealing with?!


Natalie said...

oh my gosh, but we LOOOVVVEEE her!