Tuesday, February 3, 2009

repost: cupcakes!

original post of 'mommy, monkey, and bear. oh my!' blog on december 12, 2008
my little cupcake is celebrating her 5th birthday at preschool today and is in charge of bringing snack.
to spice up the normal cupcakes i usually send-i decided to try out this cool monogramming trick from my new “hello, cupcake” book.
it was really simple-all i did was print out a sheet of simple “z’s” {for zoe}, laid it on a cookie sheet and covered it with wax paper. next i melted a bag of white chocolate melting wafers and a bag of milk chocolate ones. then with the same baggies, i squeezed out the air and cut the tiniest bit of the tip off. then i traced out the outline of the “z” with the chocolate and then filled in the rest, gave it a little tap to even it out and refrigerated it for about half the day.
i just did a simple box of the sprinkly cake mix, some neon pink food coloring added to vanilla whipped frosting, and then for some added detail i rolled then sides in basic sugar.
they turned out fit for a princess and they were just an absolute hit with her class!