Tuesday, February 3, 2009

repost: i spoil my kids, whatever.

original post of 'mommy, monkey, and bear. oh my!' blog on december 14,  2008
a little out of control
remember those "littlest pet shops" i talked about the other day? well, i know i mentioned that we had A LOT of them.
the other day zoe decided that she was gonna line them all up by type of animal and a panda was going to take their photo. {which then i was in turn supposed to take a photo of all this happening.}
this isn't even all of them-and here we counted about 75...that's...75...times...$#&@*...carry the 4...%*#&$...close to $300 dollars in pet shops.
they sure are cute though! my favorite is the snail. or one of the bugs, oh i dunno.


melissa rohr said...

Cute shots. That's a lot of little figurines!