Tuesday, February 3, 2009

reasons why i am retarted.

original post of 'mommy, monkey, and bear. oh my!' blog on march 10, 2009
i blog. i rant.
yesterday was...a 'day' to say the least. when i got to tim's my parking options had been reduced to street parallel parking-which normally is fine. it was late. i was tired. i was really needing to park in front of the building and NOT 3-4 blocks away. after my second circle around the block i opted for the first few feet of sidewalk right by the entrance and began to ease myself in. it was the beginning of a job to be proud of-i was set up perfectly and all i needed to do now was pull forward and straighten out. yea right. i was on a hill. oh, and i drive a stick...that i just learned how to drive and am soooo not comfortable with. here's the point in my story where i tell you i had to call my boyfriend down from his fourth story to park my car for me. lame. so it's morning now and i am already late for work. i am PRAYING to god that the audi that was behind me is gone and i'll have no problems getting out. not. there is now a prius behind me...RIGHT on my bumper. there is no way, i'm not even going to risk it. so i text tim...not for his rescue but just to whine. that's our dynamic. i've already decided i'll just wait out the two hour parking limit and get out when i can. after a few 'really?' i'm sure sarcastic texts he informs me he is leaving work to help me. seriously, i have the best boyfriend EVER. {oh, should i mention that it is snowing?) i told him no. i feel super lame and he shouldn't leave work. he comes anyway. with his friend, who got out of the car and had a 'really?' look on his face. and gets it out and makes it look easy. there was no way i was going to risk it. oh, clutch/ hill combination how i loath you... i will never park there again. i will walk ten miles to avoid it.the end.