Tuesday, February 3, 2009

repost: things that make me angry

i am going to delete my old family blog...it is taking up space. omg, pray that i don't delete the wrong one again. so i am going to repost some posts that i don't want to lose on here...
original post of 'mommy, monkey, and bear. oh my!' blog on march 11, 2009
i'm gonna be angry, irate, mad, and emotional for one quick second!
i'm pissed. here's why:
the day after my niece died...
possibly the worst day of my life
-some little 18 year old shit decided to get totally wasted, steal his step dad's range rover {in nothing but his boxer shorts nonetheless}, and get behind the wheel with his two friends in the car completely endangering there lives and go for a ride.

on said ride, he decided he would drive TOO fast down the wrong side of the street, try and pick up FAR to young TOO short of skirt wearing girls-harassing them to tears, and then proceed to chase my family and i down a cul-de-sac and into someone's driveway just barely avoiding getting rammed by his car.

now, because of him i get to give up a whole monday out of my life and drive ALL the way to the tri-cites to testify as a witness cause i was the only one of us not to shaken to fill out a police report {and prob. because i'm the one who called 911}.

they won't let me out of it-they have to 'cover all their bases' so the attorney says.

i tried to tell him, 'that day is a blur...my f'n niece had just died.' and i FRIGGEN live in seattle now.

so tyler maddox i despise you and your drinking and driving!