Monday, May 10, 2010

rewind: mother's day.

1. thank you to the boyfriend and the three little monsters that made me a mom and then made my mother's day wonderful. stella gave me nine wonderful uninterrupted hours of sleep, zoe and rowan wonderful homemade cards and gifts, and the man a day of doing what i wanted (tanning, clothes shopping, costcoing) without the 'do we have to?' faces followed by a yummy dinner. it was a great day.
2. i took more photos of my kids (one of all of us). now look at em'
more impromptu 'self' family photos. (zoe is wearing paparazzi shades because seconds before this shot she was BALLING about having her hair combed through by my fingers.) screw picture people and their mediocrity-i am hanging these in HUGE sizes on my walls. this is our family and true capture of us. love it.

could he be any more wonderful? holding the baby while keying the guitar for zoe to strum while rowan listens...happy mother's day to me.

i love going on a walk and finding wonderful photo opportunities right on our own proverbial backyard. my girls.

3. just for lindsay. the end.
you can check out her/this 'hazy color bounce' photoshop action at:


Linkie Lueville said...

i love it! these are so cute. you need to start posting to your flickr!!!!

Chelsey - The Paper Mama said...

What a great mother's day! Photos are great!

jen@odbt said...

So glad you left a comment via I heart faces. You have the cutest family. I'm enjoying reading through your blog.