Thursday, May 27, 2010


here is my stance on the whole thing if your wondering...
first off, let me say that i wish google didn't exist. (ok, i do but i think i would be a lot less crazier of a mom if it didn't)
with my first baby i was young and naive (thank god) so as i raised her i didn't really let any little fears get in the way of anything, let's say i was way more easy going.
baby number two i bought more books and researched a lot more, and in a word 'freaked' about a lot of stuff that sometimes debilitated me.
enter baby three, oh man. there is just too much information of there today about the pros and cons of everything. it sucks but i makes me question a lot of things i did before and makes me scared for my children sometimes.
for the most part i feel like i know what i am doing three times around but it is even hard to keep up with the change in ideas six years later. i could write a hundred posts on the things i am doing differently and why but today we have to go to stella's two month check up and she should be getting three shots-so i wanted to share our choices and thoughts.
we're not crazy, we know it is important to immunize our children. you can't start thinking, 'well if everyone else does it then why do i have to?' it's that kind of thinking that will lead to the comeback of these serious diseases that they protect our littles against.
twenty years ago we only received about 20 immunization today our kids receive more like fifty-can you believe that?
we have just decided to stagger her shot so that she is not receiving more that two at a time giving her little body and immune system time to take in those before adding more. we're ok with the fact that this means more doctor visits.
i know it would seem better to get them all over with at once, but the issue is more on  the mercury content and what it is proving to do than the little pricks each time.
at this point i am also still up in the air on the chickenpox vaccine. i mean you and i didn't have that when we were kids and we all survived. (i know there can be complications, however rare) if it is one that i can choose to not do, and feel like she will still be healthy then i just might.
so, that's that. i know that was kind of all over the place...all this info on the mercury in shots just really had my wheels turning and brought us to make some decisions on stella's immunizations and i wanted to share.


Christina said...

I have done the EXACT same thing. My older 2 were immunized on time and w/ the 3rd I read alot more. I went to the library and checked out every possible book I could. It was Dr. Sears Vaccine book that made up my mind about the alternative vaccine schedule. My son is now 26 months and is up to date other than MMR, which he'll get at 30 months. Every parent is entitled to parent the way they want, I know some who highly frown upon this, but luckily our dr was behind me on our decision. Good luck!!

Lacey said...

I'm with Christina. We're following Dr. Sears' alternative vaccine schedule and we feel safe and secure with it.