Saturday, May 22, 2010

two months.

guess who is two months old today? go ahead guess!
stella is, i can't believe it. sometime i fell like, 'if i only i could go back and hold on to every moment just a tiny bit longer' cause it all goes by too quickly.
she is full on smiling and cooing-her fav person to smile at is daddy and at night on her floor mat is her fav chatty time. she LOVES it when you hang her little elephant blanket so it is peeking at her from the top...she will squeal at him for awhile.
(knock on wood) stella is sleeping through the night. every once and awhile she will go from 9-3 eat and go right back down, but that is even great. a lot of the time too it depends on how her night time schedule went and last time she ate.
she is all the way sleeping in her moses basket, but still loves to be all swaddled up and snuggly.
i am so sad to report that i find more and more little lost stella hairs in her swing and moses basket every day.
i wonder if her hair will be curly...
she is still what i would say is a dream baby, she can be feisty and only want to be held from time to time but is so go with the flow for the most part.

i won't have any stats till the 27th, but i will make sure and repost with that info. i am very curious to see what she weighs since she is still so petite.
could she be any cuter?! the answer is no.