Wednesday, May 12, 2010

warning: i am going to talk about breastfeeding.

title: my breastfeeding rant.
let's get something straight right away-i love breastfeeding. i'm thinking, why couldn't i get it together better the first two really is a great experience. i don't even really like giving stella a bottle (of breast milk), let alone more than one a day. and today, seven weeks later she still is 100% breastfed!
i love the bonding and snuggling. the noises and grunting. even when she pauses to blow her pants out. i love that sometimes she holds by boob like a sandwich or uses it as a pacidire to fall asleep. i love that it is the best thing for her and is helping her grow strong and smart. i love that it helps me lose some serous weight. i love it all, but...
it is not less expensive than formula (for us). i always hear people saying they do it, 'cause it's cheaper' and that is the main reason. not a good reason.
here's my list why:
-mother's milk tea $6 every week
-creamer $3 every week (because i hate tea ugh ugh gross, but it does make a difference i promise)
-freezer storage bags $10 every two weeks
-leak pads $20 every month
-diapers are almost 1/2 times more due to the fact she has to be changed every two hours or less.
-food to feed me at least $15 a day (seriously) i am producing/ stella is eating A LOT so that leads to mommy being in a constant state of 'feed me now i swear to god i am dieing of hunger non stop!'
-not to mention starting out-the nursing cover, boppy, pump parts, lanolin, etc. adds up to about $100.
so that is how i feel about that, have a great day :)


Natalie said...

I reused my freezer milk bags. Also, I never leaked so I never had to buy pads. But I did eat a lot. And yes,I swear to GOD that kid could pee like every hour!

melissa rohr said...

i'll prob reuse too-but i haven't even used any of the frozen stuff yet. i am not even kidding a little when i say i am producing way more than we need and then some. but i'm not complaining because it is under producing that made it so i had to stop breastfeeding rowan.