Thursday, May 20, 2010


back the blog truck up. do you feel like you have totally lost a grasp on what is really going on with our family?! i  think i am taking photo posting to an extreme and forgetting to fill y'all in on the whatsits of us.

me: doing the stay at home mom thing, always exhausted. two kids all day under the age of not for the weak! fall quarter is fast approaching and i'll admit-i am freaking out a little. i have about 20 credits of prerequisite to pass with a 3.2 gpa before i can begin the diagnostic ultrasound technician program. this shouldn't be hard, but let's remember...i haven't done college/school/math really since 2003. i also have a ton to do to get my financial aid going, not to mention placement tests, and registration. 
my divorce is final in a month and i can't be more excited! (yes, i am talking about it cause i am not ashamed). i love tim more than ever, he is the best kind of man-the dad kind, the boyfriend kind, and just the great kind. i am so ready for summer and camping, not so much the car rides with 3 little girls to the camping but once we get there...heck yes. 
tim: doing his thing and taking names.
just kidding, he is working his butt off for this family at the city of bellevue. is it bad that i secretly enjoy his three months off? i know he can't wait for summer either...i wonder if we can top last year?!
zoe: still spends the majority of her time with her dad, until school is out on june 11th and then the little ladies with be on their summer schedule and it'll be a nice balance of having them here and having some time for us, me, and them with their dad. she is doing soooooooooo good in school, i get emails from her teacher about how she is a dream student-so intelligent and how she has an amazing personality. she can full on read now, and even spells amazingly all on her own. she is my little genius. zoe was doing ballet, but that is put on hold for now till we can find her something else to enjoy. she is little miss popularity and spends most weekends at someone or anothers bday party or playdate. i think this summer she is most excited about her fishing trip just her, grandma, and grandpa!  
rowan: rowan...rowan...well, things have been interesting with her to say the least. have i mentioned before what a terrible two year old she is?! her vocabulary has decreased mostly to the word no and loud screeching tantrums. potty training is still going smoothly, she has only had a handful of accidents since she stopped diapers during the day two months ago and as of last night is out of them for sleep times too! of course she is still as hilarious as ever and we are always waiting on pins for some crazy silly thing she will do next-like today when she got her place mat and laid it down to do jillians michaels with me. her fav show right now is team umizumi but other than that really isn't too much into tv. i know she is already for summer and park trips with her bff jaiden!
stella: this little lady will be two months old on friday (tear) where is my itty bitty going?! she is smiling and is so hilarious to watch her yelling at whatever toy of choice hanging from her floor gym-last night it was her wiggle bug toy. she is even starting to try and laugh, oh i can't wait. she is all the way sleeping in her moses basket/pack n play more swing sleeping and we are starting to work on getting her out of the swaddle (the summer nights will be too hot for that). she still hates to just sit in her swing and of course would always rather be held and snuggle. stella and i are doing fabulously in the breastfeeding department-still no formula and minimal bottles. i'm sure she could care less about summer, but this little girl is going to learn to love camping and the lake!