Thursday, May 13, 2010

the woes of a teeny tiny belly button.

me and stella are headed back tot he doctor in like twenty minutes (shoot, i should get ready.) to yet again have her poor little bee-bo (belly button book reference) checked and probably cauterized.
i'm getting ahead of myself. two weeks ago, i was cleaning out stel's belly button and out popped this little bright red bubble-i would have never even seen it had i not been messing with it. so immediatly i called the dr. trust me...this did not look normal.
sure enough, she has a blood vessel growing in her belly button. here this better explains
The “belly button” is the scar tissue that remains after the umbilical cord drops off. The umbilical cord is made up of blood vessels that are attached to the mother’s placenta. Once a baby is delivered, the cord is cut close to the abdomen and clamped.  The umbilical cord is then typically cleaned with gentian violet to prevent infection. The dried umbilical stump typically falls off of a newborn somewhere around 2 -4 weeks of age.
If any tissue does not fully detach it can leave a small red, moist mass called an umbilical granuloma. These benign lesions are not apparent at birth, but usually appear shortly after the cord has separated and the extra granulation tissue remains.  In most cases these are easily treated by your pediatrician who will use a silver nitrate swab to cauterize the excess tissue. It usually only takes one or two applications and the issue is resolved.
so the dr cauterized it with the silver nitrate and said it should heal right up.
then yesterday we noticed it was back and HUGE, so right into the dr we went. and she used the silver nitrate again and really got down into it. she told me to watch it carefully cause it could grow back and it will just grow and grow.
the silver nitrate had fallen off, but today it is so red and irritated looking. and stella SCREAMS when you try and touch anywhere near it. poor baby!
i'm mean really, how can one little belly button go through so much?!


Natalie said...

Oh my goodness. Poor kid. I feel bad for her:(

melissa rohr said...

me too :( her doctor kept telling me it wasn't causing her any pain till she saw it today and how she reacted when she touched it. the meanie.
it should be good to go now though...

Linkie Lueville said...

omg! poor stelly! that sounds out right awful! just one of the reasons we don't remember out infancy. it would be filled with far too traumatizing events.