Wednesday, May 5, 2010

yep, she's mine. sometimes i share her with tim.

awesome vintage blue lightroom preset (via she is my whore and i love her.
ps,, hello. can you say eyes?! and then say, 'melissa has gotten better at them?!'


Linkie Lueville said...

btw, the eyes are perfect. not creepy-jump-out-at-you done. that amazing are-those-edited-or-does-that-baby-just-have-fantastic-eyes done. good job!

annndahhhh, i'm dying to meet stella!!!

melissa rohr said...

@ lindsay: I know! Hurry up...
Her eyes are pretty cool, especially with that weird brown cluster of pigment in her right eye. I think they're turning brown.
Thanks, I really like that preset. Hurry up and post more for when I get back from forks with a gillion photos!