Wednesday, June 30, 2010

wordless wednesday.

i walked past the girls room last night and found this, tim and the girls reading inside their playhut tent. melt your heart a little?
(check out more over at 5 minutes for mom.)

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

what a whale!

that little boy is rowan's future husband jaiden. they have been friends since the womb and are exactly a week apart in age-do i smell coincidence (like how me and tim have the same bday?) they are meant to be for sure :)
(i guess fx camera phone photos will have to do, since this mama left her camera on all night after doing some uploading. grrr.)

letter's to shelbypaige.

to a little butterfly in heaven, shelbypaige:
today it has been two years since you left us. i just noticed your birth announcement on the fridge, yup still has even made two moves.
i remember the day you were born like it was yesterday. your mom and dad had been at our house earlier waiting around for the hospital to call with mama's induction time. later we came to her hospital room when things were just getting started to keep her entertained and bring her lolipops. finally, i headed home because they said it would still be awhile but i planned to be back with camera in hand. no later had we gotten home and i had just crawled into bed, your daddy called to say you were here and to get my butt there now. so off i went...
you were so perfect. all devine eight plus pounds of you. perfect.
i couldn't stop taking your picture the minute i saw you, i wanted to document every second and every inch of you for your mom and dad. they were so proud. your daddy was head over heals in love. i remember you latching right on to your mama and not letting go. i remember nana kissing your cheek with her pink lipstick and it not wanting to come off. i remember all the men gathering around you and mama for a photo. i remember your grandmas on the phone just gushing about how perfect you were and how the moment you came out you cried...looked at your daddy...and then reached out and grabbed on to his finger, tight.
my last day with you is even brighter in my heart. right away you spit up on me-i never knew a baby who spit up as much as you, sometimes it was quite hilarious depending on who you were drenching in it. then zoe pushed you round and round the driveway in your loved it. at some point we were all on the porch, you and rowan both in travel swings enjoying the summer evening in the tri-cities. most importantly, i'll never forget your famous 'whatcha you talkin bout?' face you would give. you blessed me with one last one that night.
i'll be honest, sometimes i still burst into tears for you and my heart will just ache. you were such a special little girl and such a wonderful addition to our family. even during your short five months here you made such an impact on everyone around you. oh, those cheeks-how i wish i could pinch them one last time.
i miss seeing you in the pink wondrous sunsets of the tri-cities but i know your still there. i know rowan still sees you. not as often as before, but she knows your there.
thank you for every second with you.
until we meet again. save some hugs and kisses just for your auntie.
love you,
m, z, and r

Monday, June 28, 2010


this is how simple our weekend was. this is stella, and exactly what she thinks about her new jenny jump up so far.


Saturday, June 26, 2010

some people's kids.

current observation: my six year old is obbsessed with texting.

when i was six i was obsessed with recording my voice different ways on my fisher price tape player.

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i am pretty sure rowan robbed jack of a bean.

rowan came home from church last week with a non descriptive cardboard cup full of dirt. no note. no paper. no nothing saying what it was or how to care for it.
when we got home i spilled it, and figured at that point nothing would come of it.
i told my mom and she laughed, 'yea it has begun. that is the go to craft for kids.' (or something like that).
so, tim watered it. and nothing.
more nothing.
then we left for the whole day and...

i am not kidding, when i say it grew like this over night. and, it grows about and inch a day. it must be about a foot and a half tall, and she brought this home a week and a half ago.
i am a little frightened. seriously, what is this thing?

don't you love me?
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the paper mama photo challenge:yellow.

yea, i am going to use these adorable photos of rowan in this years bathing suit till i am blue in the face. i mean seriously, how perfect for a yellow theme right? yellow suit, blonde yellow hair, yellow sun...perfect combo.
(check out more super yellow photos over at the papermama)
The Paper Mama

                                    you know you wanna!
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my two year old.

hi, gabe?
where are you?
are you out town?
this row row.
ugh, i poop my pants.
haha, no i just faat.
bye gabe.

(fyi, rowan has never as far as we know met anyone real named gabe. he came out of nowhere one night when she was on the couch. most the time she talks to him on her 'hand' phone.)

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the littlest sister.

Friday, June 25, 2010

the post can't have a name till the van does.

(wow, i am feeling extra chatty today. what is this my 28th post?)
grunt, i am now the proud new owner of a mini-van. i mean hello, once i created yet another human...bringing the grand total up to a whopping three. i knew exactly where i was headed, mini van city.
every time we would travel ANYWHERE with all three (heck, even when it was just two) and all we heard was bicker bicker she's touching the baby bicker. we knew where we needed to head, mini van city.
when we thought of trying to do our favorite thing-camping. we started looking for a mini van.
so, here it is (yup, it's a ford windstar-not my first choice. i would have gone with a swagger wagon for reals. but it'll get er' done):
don't you like my clever idea of showing you that i have a 'mini' van, so mini in fact that it fit inside my very patient (crazy idea indulging) boyfriend's hand. who felt silly while we did this and then complained that he needed a hand massage now from holding it up for countless takes and versions of this idea.
haha, i love him. not to mention, just for the fact that he found, orchestrated, played sales man, and hard balled for this little beauty.
and, 'this little beauty' needs a name. stat. any suggestions?

in a yellow house photo challenge:water.

i know, i know-we just saw this photo back here. but with the in a yellow house photo challenge theme being water this week. how could i not?
who can resist those itty bitty yellow stripped buns in water. i know i can't.

(check out more at in a yellow house.)

this just in.

my stella, my itty bitty three month and four day old baby is reaching out and grabbing her toys. on purpose!
i am so glad i was nearby today with my camera that i could snap a few photos to capture this milestone.

i...hate...tummy time.

stella used to LOVE tummy time, when she was just a few days old she would stay like that for awhile picking her head up and looking from side to side.
then came the spitting up and i stopped because she would do it and i wouldn't notice and befor you knew it her face and head were covered in puke.
so i have been making it a point to do it more and more everyday. if you catch her at the right time of day she still enjoys it, but most likely you'll get:

Thursday, June 24, 2010

there is no turning back now.

first off, let me tell you in case you didn't already know. over at, they are giving away a free one size cloth diaper with a purchase of $25 or more. and do you want to know the best part? there are THREE coupon codes, and they give you permission to break your order up into three and earn yourself THREE free one sizes! from the comments i gathered that quite a few people received a fuzzi bunz. here are the codes:
PGNBMAY exp 7/1
PGNBJUNE exp 8/1
so, on to the point...i dove head first into cloth diapering last night-go me! i made the decision about a month ago and it has taken me this long researching, talking to cd'ing friends, and comparing prices to make up my mind and press the order send button.
for my first order i didn't want to go to crazy, in case i hate it. i spent what we would on about two and a half months diapers-so i promised tim that i would without complaint give it a two and a half month try so that we wouldn't have wasted any money really.
after talking with my good friend who has recently started cd'ing, i decided that i would mostly go with the flip one size diaper. it got rave reviews, is adorable in color choices, and seems to be an all around basic but sturdy diaper. i am really bummed though, when i went back to place my order they were sold out of additional flip inserts until fall. so, all night it was back to the drawing board on what would be the next best option to work with the couple of different types of diapers that i picked.
in addition to the four flip diapers i bought-i also got three gdiapers, one bum genius, and a thirsties cover and 6 prefolds. for extra inserts (i ordered about nine) i went with the diaper shops micro terry inserts for medium to large size (which got good reviews and apparently work great with the flip) then there will be the two free one sizes they send me, their pick-but i have heard a lot of people got fuzzibunz, which is said to be a great diaper.
and i got ALL of this for $138.00! that's 11 diapers and 22 insides. which basically mean i will have to do laundry a lot less :) and that makes tim happy. seems to be an amazing place to purchase cd's. they have free shipping over $49 and reward perks-you get so many points for whatever amount you spend and then you can turn those points in for store credit. i am already half way to a $10 credit. then they offer free diapers with this and that if you are on their email or have diapershops on twitter or facebook.
side note, tim brought up that we were going to try cloth diapering to a buddy at work (why, i have no idea. what a guy conversation...right?) and he told tim that you have to do a bleach ghost wash after every diaper wash and that even with that he would still probably get pink eye. what the eff? so tim is really worried about this whole thing. but LOL, last night when he paid for the order he's like, 'anything to get you to stop talking me to death about cloth diapers and all their different perks.' in my defense i was just trying to make him feel better about the huge up front cost.
a huge selling point for him was that i choose to go with one sizes for now. meaning they will fit stella till potty training. i would like to eventually like to try fitted's and aio just for fun but for now will go with the less expensive choice.
i have also decided to stop using wipes, and go with wash cloths and reusable cloth wipes. i figure if i am throwing it all into a pail and washing it eventually, what's the difference?
don't get me wrong though, for a little while to start i will most likely use disposables for going out and trips-i am really not excited about the idea of lugging around wet heavy poopy diapers, especially when we are camping. that however is another reason why i choose the g and flip diaper, they have disposable inserts and an amazing price for quick easy changes.
i already have a cd'ing wish list going, and plan to add to our arsenal once i establish me and stella as cd'ing pros. i would defiantly like to try grobaby, kissaluvs (hello, adorable patterns!), and maybe happy heinys.
last night while tim and i were sitting on the patio we were discussing ways to make a drying line work in the small space and i started picturing my cloth diapers sunning on the line-i can't wait! 

i am so ready to be one (more like hundreds) less diaper in a landfill a million years later.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

wordless wednesday.

i love having a potty trained two year old. photo via lindsay giberson.

(check out more over at 5 minutes for mom.)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

to end the day on an extra happy note.

we had a great day! my divorce literally took 15 minutes, the sun finally showed up, and i got the bigs back from their dad. and other than a near car pooping incident we all made it home in one piece. two three hour car rides in a row are not for the weak hearted. especially when you throw three screechy girls into the mix.

so before we head to bed, why don't we look at some more photos of my smallest kiddlet. your welcome.


Just putting this out there, cause I know some of you are wondering about today...
At the age of 18 way to young and to the way wrong guy I got married.
When things were good we put a band aid on a gushing wound and had two beautiful wonderful amazing daughters.
He was absent, drunk, emotionally abusive (to just me), cheating most of our marriage. So almost exactly 6 years later I threw in the towel and walked out.
Due to the fact that divorce is pretty pricey these days it took us awhile to get around to it.
In the meantime I started dating my best friend of several years and we had an amazing daughter ourselves.
So now almost 8 years later we are headed to court to finally put that ugly chapter of my life to rest so that I can throw all of my energy and heart into this new one.
I have been through a lot and have come out on the other side a lot happier and blessed.
So today...divorce is a good thing.

Thanks for listening :)
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stella, three months.

pause button, pause button, pause button. why isn't this dang thing working?
i want to know who took my itty bitty newborn and replaced her with this adorable smiling laughing wiggly baby?
we have no new stats, because we won't have a well-child until next month. 
but stella is:
grabbing her toys
holding her head up while on her tummy
trying to roll over already!
sleeping through the night still
nursing great, still 100% breastfed.
standing when you hold her on your lap
jumping like a mad women in her jumparoo

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while i am away.

i am gone for most of the day getting divorced, so this post is brought to you by preprogrammed scheduling. these just happen to be two of the three most wonderful little ladies i have ever known.
(photos via lindsey giberson the amazing)
have a great tuesday!

Monday, June 21, 2010

miscellany monday.

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
hello, miscellany monday where have you been all my life?
our weekends are always crazy, miscellaneous, and all over the map-so this is the perfect meme to bring me back down and get them out without posting 17 times in one day. (cause i am bloggy ocd and can't have my post topics touching).
we had an amazing father's day, even though the pnw poo pooed on our day. i think stel and i did tim's first daddy day some darn good justice!

one. divorce tomorrow.
that is really all you need to know. i couldn't be HAPPIER to close that chapter of my life. i can't believe it took as long as it did to get it over with though, hello-divorce is expensive! (they actually say divorce rates are technically down due to this fact. people just can't afford to do it right away.) ps, i am an open book about the whole thing-in case you were wondering.
on another note, stella is going to her grammy's house for 12 whole hours. that is 9 whole hours longer than i have ever left her before. that is 4 bottles (of breast milk) more in a row then she has ever had to take. that is most of her naps more that she will be taking somewhere other than her bassinet. can you tell i am freaking out a little? (i do however know that she will be in great hands, we couldn't be more thankful that grammy is taking her so that we don't have to torture her with 6+ hours in the car with her two crazy sisters)

two. herbs.
what's that, is my thumb turning green? tim cashed out some credit card points for a home depot gift card last week and this saturday we headed out for a typical day of errands hitting up home depot first. we had fun smelling the different herbs and picking which ones would work for us or what you can use them for. we ended up with three kinds of basil, oregano, and rosemary. yum. oh, and we got another house plant...a ficus!

three. father's day.
with saturday night's date night spilling over into a hangover sunday. daddy got to sleep in till about 11a (with the exception of the quick gobble of strawberry waffles for breakfast at 8am) when i came running in scrambling around trying to make it out the door to church.
later in the afternoon, my family came over for bbq'd hamburgers. it was a great visit!
wrapped up with some snuggling and watching shutter island.
stella gave daddy a home made card with a bunch of photos of us with mustaches and foot and hand prints.

four. zoe.
look up, and go vote for the cutest six year old ever. all the nitty gritty about how to cast your vote is up there in that post up there at the top :) or, here

five. the much requested, more mustache photos of stelly.

check out more over at lowercase letters.

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